• Six Ways to Balance Your Hormones

    Six Ways to Balance Your Hormones

    Hormones can have a significant impact on the way we look and feel. How can we manage them in a way that supports overall well-being? Much of what you know about good health habits can be used to balance hormones. There are no secrets or quick fixes, and it isn’t rocket science either. These six […]

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  • Keys to Cutting Body Fat

    Keys to Cutting Body Fat

      We know by now there is no magic wand to make body fat disappear. Still, there are some simple lifestyle changes you can use to make a difference. Here are a few keys to get you on the path to success. Exercise regularly Believe it or not, exercise does not have to be torturous. […]

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  • How to Build Muscle Naturally

    How to Build Muscle Naturally

        How to Build Muscle Naturally   Many people work out to build muscle. There are usually two goals, build muscle to look lean and lose inches or build muscle to build bulk and gain size. The following tips can help with both to a degree. Read on to learn more.   Get serious […]

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  • Four Ways Seniors Can Work Out Safely

    Four Ways Seniors Can Work Out Safely

        Exercise is for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level. Exercise is especially important for seniors. In fact, studies show that regular, moderate exercise can extend functional fitness as well as the quality of life. Don’t worry if you have been mostly sedentary. There are benefits to getting started, no matter how many […]

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  • Seven Ways to Get Closer to Your Health Goals

    Seven Ways to Get Closer to Your Health Goals

      Setting goals for good health is a great strategy, but don’t just stop there. See your goals through to the finish line with these tips. Read on to say goodbye to broken promises and hello to consistency!   Identify your “why” It has been said that when you know your “why” the “how” is […]

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  • How to Build Quality Muscle Mass: Avoid putting on unwanted body fat while building lean muscle

    Building lean muscle is important at every age, but it is particularly important as we age. We begin to lose muscle mass around 30. Over time, this loss can impact how we feel and look. Use these tips to build quality muscle mass, without putting on unwanted body fat, over the lifespan.   Work major […]

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  • How to Get Back in the Gym After a Hiatus: Does your workout routine change after taking years off from the gym?

    Your routine will depend primarily on two things, your fitness level before the hiatus and how long it lasted. No matter the length of either, it is always a good idea to get back in the saddle after you’ve fallen off the fitness wagon. Here’s what you should know.   The good news… Especially if […]

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  • How Long Will It Take Me to Get Into Shape? – How long, on average, does it take to get into amazing shape?

    Good for you! Making a plan to get in shape isn’t just about how you look in your favorite jeans. Getting in shape is one of the best ways to extend and improve your quality of life. You’ll reduce the risk of chronic illness and handle stress better. Here’s what to expect.   Slow and […]

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  • Get the Body of Your Dreams While Working Out From Home- Skip the gym and workout from home!

    Who says you have to head to the gym to get a great workout? Supplement, or even skip your public practice for an at-home workout that keeps you on track for results.   Go back to the basics Remember the PE moves from days gone by? Dust them off again to burn calories and boost […]

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  • Am I too old to get in great shape, does our exercise routine change as we get older?

    You are never too old to get in shape. In fact, there are benefits to getting started, even if you have been sedentary your whole life. These tips can help.   It’s never too late Harvard Health advises getting started by 65 when your heart and joints are still relatively strong. Even if you are […]

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