As you grow older, fitness is very important in maintaining your overall health. There are various exercises that seniors and those over 50 can engage in. Some are good for restoring your flexibility as your joints grow older, while others help you work on your balance. Some exercises boost your strength by engaging your muscles.


As you grow older, your workout needs to keep evolving. When you’re younger, the main focus is on reducing weight and increasing muscle mass. However, in your 50s and above, you’re also concerned with avoiding injuries while working out because your body is not as strong as it once was. Below are some of the best exercises for people above 50 years old.




One of the most common complaints for people above 50 years old is constant backache. This is often a result of having a weak core. Pilates can be very beneficial for people with such problems because of how it works your core.


Pilates is a type of exercise that works on body conditioning, focusing on core strength. It helps the body to develop lean muscles without necessarily bulking up. This exercise is one of the best because it can be modified to suit your fitness level. Some of its benefits include:


  • Toning and stabilizing your core area
  • Enhancing your body’s flexibility
  • Increasing your range of motion
  • Improving body posture


Weight Lifting


This might come as a surprise for you, but weightlifting is another good exercise for seniors. You have been picking things and putting them down from a young age, and it is still beneficial even as you grow older. Lifting improves your general body strength and maintains muscle mass.


However, adjustments have to be made as you grow older. It would be best to avoid super heavy lifting to prevent straining your body at an advanced age. Pick a weight that you can do 10 reps of, with the last ones being a little challenging. Always get advice from a trainer and stop if you feel any pain.


Doing Yoga


This is one of the best exercises for people above 50 years old. Forget those amusing antics of people forming weird shapes with their bodies you can’t imagine yourself doing. Yoga is mainly used to work on your balance and improve your flexibility. 


Besides fitness and flexibility, yoga is also very important for relaxation and calming your mind. It has also been documented to be beneficial for your blood pressure and nervous system.




Cycling is another enjoyable exercise. It is good for your heart and normalizes blood pressure. It may also help boost your general mood. If you are over 50, a stationary recumbent bicycle is good because it provides your back with support while you hold on to the handlebars and pedal away. However, if you are still physically fit, cycling outside is more enjoyable. You can view some amazing scenery while getting a breath of fresh air on your cycle expedition.


Exercising is good for you. These are just some exercises to engage in if you are over 50. As always, take precautions and stop if anything feels uncomfortable or painful. If possible, have a trainer or partner to help you in your exercises.