Fitness is a hot topic these days, but it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which one is best for you with so many channels to choose from. We’ve put together this guide detailing the top channels to watch in 2022.


1. Nerd Fitness


Nerd Fitness has become the go-to channel for people looking to learn about fitness and health from a nerd’s perspective. A few months ago, they released a free daily workout program available to anyone who subscribed to their channel. The routine takes about 20 minutes, depending on your current fitness level, and it will help you add muscle and improve your cardiovascular health. If you’re not a member of Nerd Fitness yet, make sure to sign up today.


2. Athlean-X


Athlean-X is an online fitness company based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It started as an online store that sold workout equipment, but the company has branched out to give fitness advice, too. While Athlean-X sells fitness equipment and nutritional supplements, its flagship videos are dedicated to weightlifting. The company also offer a few programs for those looking to lose weight, develop muscle, and improve their fitness level.


3. Paul Wade Fitness


Paul Wade Fitness is a British fitness expert who does live training on YouTube. He’s written books for fitness enthusiasts, and he has over eight million subscribers. His videos are chock full of workouts, advice, and motivation. The videos offer an intense workout, but they’re easy enough to follow and can be done independently. He’s also a fitness promoter and motivational speaker, so he has some helpful tips for those looking to get into shape.


4. The Workout Nerd


The Workout Nerd is a channel dedicated to the world of weight training and muscle building, but he also includes strength training in his videos. He is based in Canada and has over 10 million subscribers. He also teaches online courses, which can be purchased on his website. His videos range from beginner to advanced, and they’ll keep you challenged while still having a fun and entertaining experience.


5. Squats Daily


Squats Daily is a performance coach based out of San Francisco, but he has upcoming appearances worldwide. He’s focused on creating high-quality workout videos for people looking to improve their fitness levels. He also offers online training and coaching to help his viewers achieve their goals. If you aim to improve your mobility, core strength, and agility, then Squats Daily is an excellent channel for you.


6. Climbing Ninja


Climbing Ninja is a channel dedicated to outdoor rock climbing instruction and encouragement. They have different videos showing people how to set up a climbing wall at home. If you’re looking for instruction on rock climbing or just want to watch someone solve the same problems that you do, this channel has it all.


7. Men’s Fitness


Men’s fitness is one of the oldest fitness channels on YouTube. The videos feature articles and advice on improving fitness and health in men. The videos are written by experts in the health and fitness industry, but they use first-person accounts to give a more personal look at their stories. The channel updates new content every Monday, so you make sure that you’ve subscribed before it happens.