For the majority of people, the term “jogging” means an activity less serious than running. However, just like running, this moderate aerobic exercise has many physical as well as mental benefits. It may even better your sex life and help you live longer. Read on to understand the benefits you reap when you start jogging today.


Jogging Helps With Weight Loss


Since the action engages plenty of muscles simultaneously, jogging is a great way to increase your metabolic rate and to burn calories even after exercise. Furthermore, most studies have found that activities involving high- or low-intensity running may help suppress your appetite by promoting the production of more satiety hormones and by suppressing the production of hunger hormones. 


Keeps the Mind Healthy


Stress is part of life. And whether you exercise or not, you’re bound to experience stress at some point in your life. Jogging gives you an opportunity to go out interact with nature and other humans, which will improve your mood and lessen the feelings of stress, anxiety as well as depression. Moreover, an exercise like jogging will increase the production of endorphins, which helps lessen any pain in your body and creates the general feeling of positivity. Furthermore, jogging gives you an opportunity to be exposed to the sun and to get most of its vitamin D, which plays a crucial role in relieving stress and depression.


Jogging Helps Make Your Skin Glow


We all would love to have glowing skin and to slow down the aging process. The good news is that aerobic exercises such as jogging are a great way to tone your skin and improve blood circulation on your skin. Since jogging involves sweating, you will promote the removal of skin toxins through sweat and support the production of collagen, which is good for skin elasticity and the prevention of wrinkles and fine lines. Furthermore, jogging is a great way to correct hormonal imbalances, which in turn reduces stress and sebum production, two major triggers of acne. 


It Helps You Sleep Better


According to the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, exercising regularly will positively impact your sleep. By engaging your body in 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercises such as jogging, you’re able to fall asleep faster and better. For individuals with chronic insomnia, exercise such as jogging is as effective as hypnotic drugs. Moreover, since the individual is less stressed and relaxed, the brain is able to metabolize serotonin and regulate sleep. 


Jogging Strengthens Your Immune System


Will all have heard that exercising is good for your heart, and jogging is no exception. It’s a great way to get your blood sugar as well as cholesterol under control, which then keeps heart problems at bay. Furthermore, jogging helps strengthen your lung muscles and increases the lung’s capacity to accommodate more oxygen. Besides, when you exercise, your body temperature rises, which allows your body to prevent the multiplication of bacteria. 


These are some but not all of the benefits you’ll reap once you start jogging. And the good news is, you don’t have to jog for long periods to get the physical and health benefits associated with jogging. Even 20 minutes a day of jogging can have numerous positive effects on your body. Simply start slow, and work your way up.