Convenience is so important in everyday life. Shouldn’t your gym be convenient to you? Come in and workout at one of our premier fitness centers in Secane, PA. We provide a safe, quality environment for you and your whole family. Let us help you achieve your fitness goals, right in your neighborhood. With new state of the art Lifefitness equipment, we provide a variety of strength machines, free weights, cardio machines and hammer strength as well as a supervised kids club, clean facility and affordable memberships for the community. Come and visit your gym in Secane, PA today!

Success Stories

As a professional dog walker/sitter, I had always stayed in shape.  In May of 2015, a dog bit my right forearm.  My arm swelled up and the impact damaged my ulnar nerve affecting the use of my arm.  The recovery took longer than I expected resulting in muscle loss through my entire body.  In December of 2016, I signed up to […]

— Kelly C

Three years ago I had consensive heart failure and my kidneys failed. I was in the hospital for about 5-6 weeks. My wife had told some of my doctors that I had worked out at Fitness 19 for at least 3 years. The doctors both said that if I hadn’t worked out before all this […]

— Valued Member

“My strength and my endurance is so much better.”

So I have been coming to Fitness 19 for 2 years now working with Osny. My strength and my endurance is so much better. I can go kayaking with my daughter, we go hiking, we go to the mountains, we do all sorts of activities. Working with Osny as my trainer, it keeps me on […]

— Gina B.

“Nice and helpful staff!”

“…Great environment! Overall, just an awesome place! It feels comfortable like in a homey way, so I don’t feel self-conscious like I normally did at other gyms. This place has a “be yourself” type of feeling to it, and I’d definitely recommend this gym to anyone looking for a place to workout while still feeling […]

— Tammy S.

“I love this gym!”

…I’ve been coming here for about 4 years! Osny is the best trainer that they have! I love him, very motivating and flexible to work with my schedule

— Jessica G