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Fitness 19 - Push Ups
Fitness 19 - Core Strengthening
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Class Descriptions:
FIT Strength - This strength-focused workout hits every major muscle group using dumbbells
and bodyweight exercises. This class is easy to follow and designed for all levels of fitness.

FIT Sculpt - Strength-based multi-muscle movements, using light weights and high reps,
presented in a creative and effective format to get your heart pumping and muscles
burning. This class is appropriate for all levels.

FIT Core - Become fit to the core with this strength-based class focused on your abdominals,
back, and gluteals, using a mix of body weight exercises and dumbbells. Appropriate for all

FIT Foundation - Gentle movement and resistance training designed to build strength, balance,
and coordination. Ideal for beginners, can be enjoyed by any level.

Kickboxing - This non-stop, cardio-kickboxing class will use the fundamentals of boxing,
kickboxing, and MMA to deliver a fun and fast-paced workout designed to maximize your
muscle strength and speed, while leaving you drenched in sweat. Non-contact, no special
equipment required.

FIT Interval - This fun, interval-style workout mixes heart pumping cardio intervals with focused
blocks of strength training. This is an ideal class for advanced and beginning exercisers.

FIT HIIT - Jump into this fast and efficient, 25 minute workout designed to elevate your heart
rate, boost your mood, and leave you sweaty in no time. Using body-weight exercises only, this
class can be modified for any level.

Yoga Rehab - Get everything you need to keep your joints and muscles functioning at their best
with slow, deliberate yoga movements and stretches. Bring your own yoga mat or utilize a club
training mat.

Zumba - This fitness dance class uses high-energy Latin music to deliver fun, easy-to-follow
dance moves that improve cardio health, strength, balance and coordination. Can be enjoyed by
all levels.