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Whether you’ve never stepped foot into a gym, or you’re a seasoned pro, Fitness 19 Perris has the gym equipment, amenities, services and friendly staff to help you reach your goals.

Fitness 19 Perris is a gym built for you. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain weight, lift 500lbs, run a 5k, just work out a little more frequently, or to take time for a little #selflove and sit on the hydromassage chairs and not think about work/life/kids for 10 minutes, Fitness 19 can help you get there.

Working out at Fitness 19 is about “doing you”... doing what’s best for YOU and concentrating on improving your quality of life. If that means more workouts, personal training sessions and dedicating yourself to a fitness goal, GREAT. If that means more hydro massage and relaxing stretching sessions, GREAT. We got you!  

Our friendly Fitness 19 Perris staff know the goals of one new member may be completely different than the goals of another new member. But no matter what, we offer personal training programs, classes (Zumba® or Latin Step anyone?!), equipment and amenities to help everyone that walks through our front doors. This is the fitness center and health club for you!