• Healthy Sources of Fat


    The thinking has changed on fat. It is no longer the enemy of good health or healthy weight. In fact, some fats are actually good for you and not the enemy of lean waistlines we have been led to believe. Research bears this out. In the years since we began to shun fat in favor […]

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  • You Blew Your Calorie Budget…Now What?


    So, you blew your calories. So what? Quickly move on with smarter habits for a new day. In this article, we’ll show you four simple calorie budget principles that will guarantee you a well-balanced meal, steady weight loss, and the energy to stay on track all week long. The Mental Method To stay on track […]

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  • 5 Ways to Sneak Vegetables into Your Diet


    Are you getting your vegetables in? Vegetables are essential for a body that doesn’t just survive through the years—but thrives day after day. But if the sight of steamed broccoli, kale salad or collard greens make you wince with pain, we’ve got another way to get your veggies in, without the struggle! Learn to master the […]

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  • How Your Phone is Killing Your Posture


    If you depend on your smartphone for work emails, social media notifications and as a camera (and most people do), then it may not come as a surprise to you that your posture is suffering. Each time you look at or send a text message, your neck is hunched forward, and your shoulders are rolled […]

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  • Wedding Fitness Guide


    Do you want to be toned by the time the wedding bells ring—and he’s ‘put a ring on it’? Whether you have a few pounds to lose, or a little bit more jiggle in your thighs that you’d care for (and a few months to prep), we’ve got your ultimate wedding fitness guide here! Prepare […]

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  • Tips to stick with your New Year’s Resolution


    Let this be the year you amaze yourself. Use these tips to nail those resolutions and finally stop feeling like you can’t trust yourself to keep the promises you make. Decide how you want to feel New Year’s resolutions aren’t just based on actions. They come from a desire to feel a particular way. Maybe […]

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  • Focus on Food Tracking

    Overweight Woman On Diet Keeping Food Journal

    Your neighbor has done it. Your co-workers have done it, and even your spouse has done it (although he/she would never admit to it!) and yep—you’ve done it too. You’ve skipped out on a healthy meal or chosen a supersize value meal at a fast food restaurant instead of a healthy grilled salmon dinner at […]

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  • Change up your workout to keep up the challenge


    One of the best things about the human body is its adaptability. Think about it. Once you master a task, that task requires a lot less energy and concentration. Great for everyday tasks like walking or driving but for exercise, not so much. The first time you ran a mile or covered a lap in […]

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  • Is eating 5 to 6 meals a day better for weight loss?


    Will you lose weight when you ditch the three meals a day eating plan? The short answer is, maybe. The real issue is not how many meals you eat, but how many calories you eat. Why eating more meals may not work Eating more often may lead to higher overall calorie intake. Planning nutrient dense […]

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  • Wear the right shoe for your sport


    When it comes to sports the right shoe isn’t only for comfort but also for safety and better performance. Here are some things to look for when buying shoes for fitness. Select the right shoe According to the American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society these tips can help you choose well, regardless of your sport. […]

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