• Supplement Basics


    If you’ve heard the saying, “You’re only as good as the effort you put into your workout,” and follow it – you’re halfway to weight loss and/or fitness success. But, in order to truly, and quickly maximize your effort at the gym, you have to properly fuel your body before and after. Take notes because […]

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  • 4 Mega-Metabolism Boosters


    Your metabolism, which is your body’s ability to convert the food you eat into energy, is often based on your genetic makeup. You’re predisposed to have ‘trouble areas’ that your parents or grandparents had. Your body shape, or ability to have slim legs (while you carry weight in your mid-section) is caused by your metabolism. […]

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  • How to Start Running With Your Dog


    Your dog needs a daily workout just as much as you do—which is why running with your dog is the perfect way to stay heart healthy! Whether you love exercising in your neighborhood or on the other side of town, we’ve got a great set of techniques to help you run with your pooch—easily and […]

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  • 3 underrated health tips


    Embrace these three health tips to start improving your overall health right now. No special equipment required. Drink more water While the 8 glass a day mandate has long been debunked, it’s still important to drink water regularly. The human body is comprised of mostly water, and we need adequate amounts to be our best. […]

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  • Why more muscle isn’t a bad thing


    Don’t be afraid to build a little muscle. Doing so actually offers more benefits than you realize. Before you balk, understand that more muscle doesn’t necessarily mean more bulk. More muscle could mean better health and a leaner physique. Here are some of the benefits of more muscle. Combat sarcopenia Building muscle can mitigate some […]

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  • Eat This, Not That: 6 Healthy Swaps to Make This Week

    Closeup portrait young nutritionist woman trying to convince stubborn man to eat healthy apple fruit instead of sweet cookie, isolated black background. Negative emotions, facial expressions, feeling

    No matter what your fitness or weight loss goals may be, the truth is, food affects your mood, your waistline, and your confidence. How do you feel right now? If you want to have sustainable energy to last you all day long, slimmer legs or simply feel better in your skin, start with nutrition. Here […]

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  • 5 body weight exercises you can do anywhere


    Body weight exercise requires no special equipment, yet it yields great results. Benefits include better heart health, improved cognitive function, more lean muscle mass and reduced risk of diabetes. Here are five you can do anytime, anywhere. Planks How to do it: Start by getting into the same position you would use for a push-up. […]

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  • Pic That Progress! Why ‘Before’ and ‘After’ Pictures Make the Difference


    Whether you have ten pounds to lose, or 150 pounds that need to come off, weight loss isn’t easy. It’s hard work. There’s no magic formula, and it requires dedication, focus and sometimes a change in lifestyle. So, how do you stay motivated when you have weeks or months ahead before you can realistically reach […]

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  • Stretching 101

    Multi-ethnic group stretching in a gym

    To stretch or not to stretch? The question comes up so often, and the answer varies just as often. It can be hard to know what is best for your muscles. We’ve got you covered. Read on for the 411 on the when, why and how of stretching. When to do it The when of […]

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  • How Many Calories Should You Be Eating?


    We’ve already passed what’s known as the heaviest day of the year— January 3rd is when most people reach their heaviest weight (due to the temptation of finishing off holiday leftovers.) It’s been a couple months, and now it’s game time. It’s weight loss time. It’s your time to get your waistline and overall fitness […]

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