Whether you decide to kick off your fitness routine as the new year rolls around or every Monday into perpetuity, starting and sticking to a fitness routine can be challenging. While many of us know the importance of fitness in overall health and well-being, it’s not always easy to prioritize fitness goals when the busyness of life happens. 

Make It a Family Thing

One of the top reasons fitness might not make it to the top of your priorities is due to the demands of family life. However, there are several benefits to including your family in your fitness goals. For starters, it opens up several new bonding opportunities with activities such as hiking and rafting. Less adventurous activities can include walks, running, and swimming. Your family will also learn to enjoy physical activity as part of their everyday routines. 

Make It Easy on Yourself 

When you’re motivated to get going, it’s easy to get yourself pumped for a workout. However, you need to prepare for those days when you’re not eager to work out. Set yourself up for success by removing possible excuses. This includes setting out your workout gear the night before or packing your gym bag before you leave for work. When you set up your workout routine before you lose the motivation, you are in a better position to push through.

Include an Element of Fun 

There’s nothing like some fun motivation to get you off that couch. You can easily include fun elements into your workouts, such as a friendly competition between you and a partner or friend, or joining classes loaded with fun energy, such as a disco spin class or dance classes. 

Reward Yourself 

While getting your fitness level up is a reward in itself, it’s also important to pat yourself on the back when you reach certain milestones. For instance, if you’re training for a half-marathon, plan something special for when you’re able to do that first five-mile without stopping or walking. Choose something to encourage further activity, such as new running shoes or gym outfits. Try to steer clear of food rewards such as cheat days. 

Plot Your Goals 

While it’s one thing to fantasize about having a six-pack, it’s something else entirely to have a proper goal map in place. Your goal map should include milestones that you want to reach by a certain date. The end of the goal map should be something big and audacious, but those increments should be within reach, albeit tough and challenging. For instance, if the goal is to lose 10 pounds in a year, a realistic goal will be to lose just under a pound a month. Keep track of these milestones and correct course when needed. 

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