You see them often at the gym; weightlifters and spotters working together through reps and sets. Having a spotter brings advantages that support your weight training routine in ways both big and small. If you’re on the fence about having a spotter, here are a few reasons to go for it.

Personal trainer assisting young womanSpotters help you get it right

Working with a spotter can help you get a heavier weight into position. Without this assist you may not be able to safely position the weight to take advantage of the full range of motion required for the most benefit.

Spotters help you check your form

Weight training requires that you maintain form and use controlled movements. This practice often deteriorates when you are rushing or tired. An observant spotter can provide feedback that helps you stay focused and in proper form.

Two heads are often better than one

A spotter doesn’t only help you maintain your form, she or he can also boost motivation. Work together with your spotter to determine best ways to keep each other motivated. Maybe you work best with words of encouragement to keep going when it doesn’t feel like you can do another rep. Someone else might be motivated by a little friendly competition. Working with a spotter can help you work harder and be more accountable, too. Don’t forget about the value of camaraderie. Having a spotter can build a social aspect into your workout routine. With appropriate focus you can stay on task and still have a little fun chatting with your spotter as you lift.

Doing barbell squats with personal instructorLift more

Working with a spotter can be especially important as you reach the point of exhaustion. As you near the end of a set the muscle should be tired enough that the last rep or two feels challenging. A spotter can help you meet that challenge safely without worries of hurting yourself under a falling weight. Without the support of a spotter you might be reluctant to push yourself to the next level. A spotter can help you meet the challenge safely.

Sometimes it helps to know someone is paying attention. A spotter can keep you honest when you feel tempted to count short because you are tired or neglect form because you are in a hurry. Working with a spotter is like a partnership that advances your health and fitness goals. When you pair the benefits of extra motivation and safety under more challenging lift routines it is clear that a spotter is a must.