A mother training with baby on a summer dayHaving a baby is one of the most wonderful experiences you’ll ever have. Now comes the challenging part—getting your sexy bod back! Whether your breast feeding your baby or using formula; taking slow paced walks or getting right back to high intensity cardio on the daily, getting rid of your excess ‘pooch’ is something all women struggle with. Now, you don’t have to. Here’s three ways to get your fitness on and lose your baby belly in no time.

Single Leg Circles

This exercise is a great one to blast fat and tone both your quads and your core. Start by lying down on your back. If you’re get bored easily, simply practice this exercise in your living room while watching episodes of The View! Start by making sure that your back is straight, your palms are on either side of you, and are facing the floor. Lift your leg up to the ceiling, and in a small, circular motion, move your leg to form an ‘O’. Do this for about ten to fifteen seconds, and lift your leg back down. Repeat with the other leg.

Quarter Curls

pregnant woman pilates exercise workout at gymQuarter curls are like a sit-up, but a sit-up with a hold—which essentially means that you’ll waste less time doing crunches and receive more results (this is also a great, quick exercise to tone your core while your newborn takes a morning nap!) Start by lying down on your back, ensuring that you are lying down completely flat. Prop your knees up (as you would for a sit-up) and make sure your feet are flat on the floor. With your hands behind your head, inhale so your belly is in and ‘curl’ your upper body off of the mat. Once your shoulders are off of the mat, hold for about five to seven seconds, and then slowly come back down to your starting position. Repeat about ten times.

The Rotating Quarter Curl

This exercise is simply an advanced edition of the last exercise, the quarter curl. To do it, simply get into the same starting position you did with the quarter curl—back flat on the floor, arms behind your head and feet flat on the floor. As you lift your upper body off of the floor, twist your torso so that your right leg is up and is touching your left elbow. Lower your leg back down and come back up with your left leg this time, by twisting your torso until your right elbow meets it. Place your leg back down in a slow and controlled manner and repeat about ten times.