Getting active as a family boosts your bond as well as your health. There are so many options, too. Everyone from the grumpiest teen to rambunctious toddlers and time pressed parents can get in on the fun. Here are a few ideas to try.



No matter what the weather in your neck of the woods you can wheel – or blade your way to fitness. In colder climates, head for the ice rink. Where its warmer, ride around your local park or neighborhood. Don’t forget your helmet.



Bike riding is a great way to get everyone in on some fun, heart boosting activity. Little ones can ride along or use training wheels. Older riders can use electric bikes or a three-wheeler. Many communities are adding bike lanes, which makes riding in your neighborhood or to the store safe and convenient. If you have a bike rack, head to your local trail for a little outdoor adventure.


Flag football

Head to the backyard or park for some friendly family competition. You’ll have a chance to run, hone your coordination and maybe even earn some bragging rights while you boost your heart rate.


Dance contest

Don’t let dreary weather keep you stuck on the couch. Get up and dance. Put on your favorite tunes and have a family dance off.


Walk for a cause

Many communities host fun run and 5k races all year round. Lace up and train to cross the finish line as a family. You’ll feel proud for helping your cause and earning your race t-shirt. If you don’t want to race, why not try a botanical garden or another place to walk and enjoy the scenery?


Offer to walk a neighbor’s dog

Maybe you have an elderly or ill neighbor who is unable to walk their dog. Helping a neighbor in need just feels good. Do a good deed and get the bonus of a walking workout. 



Rock wall climbing is a challenging and fun way to get in some exercise as a family. A quick search of the internet will turn up facilities and specials in your area. Spend an afternoon trying something new.


Manage your home

Necessary household activities like vacuuming, yard work and washing the car can stand in for exercise. Give everyone a chore to make short work of the household to-do list. The bonus – everyone enjoys order and a feeling of accomplishment. How to celebrate when the work is done? Why with a family dance party of course!