Picture this: after abandoning yet another weekday workout, you head to your office tired and sluggish. To your surprise, that third cup of coffee just isn’t making you feel as peppy or motivated as you’d like, and lately, your low energy has become somewhat of a habit. Throughout your day, your mood fluctuates, depending on whether or not you can meet your deadlines on time.

Suddenly, you begin to make the connection: when you work out, everything in your day seems to ‘click’, and when you don’t work out, nothing seems to.  Learn how to get more done in less time just by upping your heart rate a few times a week!

Making the Connection

Life Balance Signpost Shows Family Career Health And FriendsHave you ever noticed the correlation between exercise and organization?  There are so many benefits to exercising that you already know about: increased energy, better overall health, improved confidence and even a better night’s sleep. Additionally, when you exercise on a regular basis (at least three moderate to high intensity sessions of thirty minutes each per week), you give yourself the gift of a well-organized life! This is because any form of exercising (from walking at an incline to lunging your heart out) releases endorphins, a chemical in the brain that lessens the physical pain you experience during a workout while also boosting your mood.

The more consistently (and high intensity) you exercise, the more you’ll become motivated to stay on top of deadlines, be on time for your personal appointments and feel great about the areas of life that require your attention to most.

The ‘Organized’ Workout Will Get You Organized in the Office

Businessman overwhelmed by paper asks for helpIf your work life seems out of control, you should ask yourself: “Whose isn’t?” Who couldn’t use a little more organizing with their work flow on a day to day basis? Who doesn’t aspire to get more done in less time—if only they were on top of things just a bit more?

Your workout routine has the ability to improve your organization at work because it causes you to develop a routine in your life. For example, if you head to the gym each morning before work, you quickly develop a ‘routine-specific’ mentality. You begin to thrive off of consistency and order, which then causes you to crave consistency and order in the other facets of your life, too.

Choose your favorite type of workout and create either a morning, lunchtime or evening routine you can follow. If you love to run, join a runner’s club. If you love to dance, become a regular at Zumba or SoulCycle.  If you love to bike ride, pick a couple of spin classes per week you can commit to, and/or get your co-workers or neighbors involved in a biker’s club. Feeling frazzled or overwhelmed has never been easier to solve! Get committed to fitness, and stay on top of every aspect of your life, instantaneously.