So, you blew your calories. So what? Quickly move on with smarter habits for a new day. In this article, we’ll show you four simple calorie budget principles that will guarantee you a well-balanced meal, steady weight loss, and the energy to stay on track all week long.
The Mental Method
To stay on track with your daily calories—whether it’s 1600 or 2000 (or more if you’re an athlete), you’ve got to mentally understand one thing. You’ve got this. You can own those calories! You can rock your meal plan! One way to do this is to mentally prepare yourself for the weight loss that lies ahead. For example, train your mind to accept that you’re already succeeding by writing out your overall goal on a sticky note and place it on your fridge or the steering wheel of your car.
Place it anywhere you will see it daily, because words are power—and the more you believe in those pounds you want to lose, the greater motivational steam you’ll have to push through those days where all you want is a big piece of chocolate cake!
water-1187656_640Start Your Morning With Water
If you just blew your calorie budget, commit to waking up the next morning with a full glass of water. Really! Starting a new day with an instant start to good health is the best way to kick start your success. Drinking water doesn’t just hydrate you—it actually fills you up so you won’t reach for that candy bar or heavy pasta meal at lunchtime (often you may reach for a high-calorie snack when you’re actually thirsty).
Choose One Treat—Not the Whole Box
If deprivation isn’t your thing—and it’s not really anyone’s thing—why not treat yourself in a smaller quantity so you never miss out on the foods you love? For example, if you love peppermint Oreos (that only come out once a year during the holidays) then why not treat yourself just to a few, and give the rest to your kids. If you love stir fry for dinner (but need to watch how much rice you’re consuming), buy the instant rice 100 calorie cups (found in the pasta section of your grocery store). Fill up with plenty of veggies and protein and low sodium soy sauce (to prevent extra water retention), and you’ve got a meal that keeps you within your calories!
Stop the Madness With Mini Meals!
The truth is, if you go too long without eating something, you risk going into starvation mode—which means that the next meal you eat may force your body to store more fat than it does regularly. Enjoy frequent mini-meals throughout your day and you’ll always feel satisfied. Pack on the protein in the morning with yogurt and fruit, and make your mid-day snack a few crackers with cheese. After lunch, enjoy a 100 calorie pack of oatmeal (perfect office food!) or an apple topped with peanut butter. It’s that easy to stay on track while still feeling satisfied!