photodune-9142388-yoga-poses-lGood health comes in many forms—eating right, working out and posture! When it comes to your posture, how does yours add up? Do you focus on a clean diet and consistent cardio but fail to focus on the health of your posture? Here’s a fact about the matter: when you have good posture, you don’t place unwanted stress on your ligaments, and you decrease the amount of discomfort your body undergoes. Need some help to stop slouching? Here are some great and easy ways—yoga style—to sit straight, stand tall and stop the madness once and for all!

The Mountain Pose

If you’re unfamiliar with yoga poses, the mountain pose may not seem like a typical exercise (as you’re standing up and still like a statue) but it’s an active pose, none the less. The goal here is simple: to straighten your posture from head to toe. In order to do this, start by standing up straight. Roll your shoulders back, and tighten and tuck in your butt. Roll your shoulder blades down, and lower your head so that your head is straight and level. Breathe in through your nose, and breathe out from your mouth. Practice daily for improved posture!

The Hero Pose

If you find yourself struggling with a case of the ‘slouches’, there’s no time like the present to nip that one in the bud! Slouching sucks—and it affects your appearance, confidence, and even your endurance. The hero pose can help you to strengthen your spine, and your breathing. Start by sitting down on your knees, with your legs tucked under your butt. Place your hands on your legs with palms facing up. Take a deep breath and roll your shoulders back until your spine is straight and aligned.  Be mindful of your posture, and remain in this pose for several minutes. When you feel your shoulders rolling forward, arch them back and resume deep breathing.

The Locust Pose

Good posture starts with a strong back. If you need some help in that department (you find yourself slouched over for hours a time on the daily) then begin every day with the locust pose. A classic yoga exercise for all ages, it’s easy to do. Begin by lying on your stomach with your feet extended out behind you and your arms extended straight in front of you. Inhale deeply through your nose while arching your stomach upwards toward the ceiling. This exercise is great if you struggle with lower or upper body back pain as well as poor posture—it cures it all! Remember: the stronger your back, the stronger your posture.

Posture provides you with a stronger, painless body. Practice the mountain, hero and locust pose for immediate results and you’ll soon feel like a million bucks!