As women, it’s easy to think that we can have one (maybe two) physical aspects that we crave. We may have a beautiful face, but lack the body. Or, we may have the perfectly sculpted biceps, but lack being a “brainy” type. But what if we could have all three—beauty, brains and biceps? Keep reading, because this article shows you step-by-step how to land all three successfully, and all by developing a simple goal and reward system!

Create Destination Goals for the Three “B’s”

Just a day or two (or given this time a year, a week!) of indulging in sugary snacks, fast food or too much caffeine induced drinks can send your body—and your attitude—down a slippery slope. So, before your holiday eating gets out of control and you vow that you’ll never be able to get beauty and biceps, focus on that brain of yours.

Come up with 2-3 ‘destination’ goals of what you ultimately want to achieve. It could be “to lose 30 lbs. by springtime” or “to stop eating processed foods”. When you set a destination goal, you’ll be more inclined to focus on what you want rather than what you can’t have.  Now that’s using your smarts!

Focus on Achieving Mini “Immediate” Goals

Do you want bigger biceps, sculpted abs or toned thighs? No matter what your destination goals may be, it can’t come without a bit of sacrifice, commitment and persistence. How will you keep passing the cookies by in order to continue losing weight if you don’t have mini goals to focus on? It’s often not enough to have the big picture of what you want in place, but weekly (even daily) goals to concentrate on and succeed at.

If your goal is to get sculpted, flat abs, set some weekly goals in place by writing them down and sticking them on your fridge. A mini goal can be something like, “Eat an extra helping of fresh fruit and vegetables today,” or “Wake up an hour early in order to run an extra two miles.”  Now that’s a plan for success!

Give Yourself Rewards Along the Way

The biggest reward will come when you reach your destination goal, but what’s the chance you’ll cross that finish line without any incentives along the way to keep you focused and in control? Whether you want to increase your muscle mass or decrease your waist line, weekly rewards for your hard work and dedication give you the fuel to keep burning those calories like a pro! Write down one small (calorie free!) reward you can give yourself for your mini goals that you met. It could be anything: an extra hour of uninterrupted sleep, a bubble bath, or buying yourself your favorite gossip magazine. Believe it or not, these silly rewards keep you going strong, so that beauty, brains and biceps become like second nature to you! When you implement a goal list and reward system, you’ll have it all—beauty, brains and of course, sexy biceps to show off in your best little black dress.