The ‘work hard, play hard’ motto makes sense, doesn’t it? When you spent your working hours brainstorming, writing emails, and coming up with the next (and brightest) idea your company has heard in months, your motto pays off. Work hard, maximize your time in the office, and see the rewards for yourself—which in your case, it probably a big, fat raise! Now it’s time to take that work hard (and reward yourself even harder) approach to exercise! Here’s how to set up a reward system for yourself, so you never fall behind in momentum, goal setting or goal reaching!



Why a Reward System at All?

You may tell yourself, “Rewards just for reaching a health or fitness goal seems a little indulgent. Why reward myself when I’m accomplishing that thing I need to for my health?” Simon says…the answer is so simple we often miss its meaning—and veto the whole reward system altogether. The reason that weekly or monthly rewards are such a great idea is that they cut right to the source of your problem—your motivation (or lack of it) and ignite a whole new workout in you—thanks to a whole new (motivated!) you!

Sure, it’s your body that presses, lifts, kicks and lunges your way to fit thighs, triceps and a backside that turns heads wherever you go, but it’s the mind that controls the amount of momentum that guides you through the motions. It’s also what’s responsible for bypassing through your ‘fitness comfort zone’ and past the pain. The end result? A whole new body, and a whole new you!

goalsSet Mini Goals and Major Goals (and Give Yourself Rewards for Each)

If your goal is to drink more water, cut down your fast food consumption, get into the habit of going to gym more often (and on a regular basis) or turn your fitness level up a notch by getting that six pack (finally!), mini and major rewards are a great way to do achieve that.

Put yourself on a star system. For every trip that you make to the gym, give yourself a star. Every day that you fix yourself a healthy, protein packed breakfast, give yourself a star. Every time you drink at least six glasses of water, give yourself another star. Make a list of all healthy behaviors that you want to practice, and every time you succeed in doing it, give yourself a star. Then, designate 30 stars to a handbag, massage or another treat you’ve been wanting to treat yourself to. When you’ve earned 30 stars worth of healthy actions and behavior, trade it in!