Fad diets may seem like a quick fix (the lemonade cleanse, the no-carb diet, or the all-soup diet) but the truth is, there’s no magical solution when it comes to weight loss. In fact, there aren’t really any shortcuts. It boils down to a healthy diet, high-intensity training, and one day at a time. Here’s why you should avoid fad diets at all costs, and what you can do instead to lose inches, tone up and become the most incredible you—you can possibly be.
Fad Diets Don’t Touch on the Source of the Problem
If you’ve gained weight, you’ve gained it for a reason. For example, perhaps you’ve gotten in the habit of grabbing something to eat every time you’re bored. Maybe you’ve used food to provide comfort as you were going through your divorce or breakup. Maybe you’ve reached for anything that would give you temporary happiness (like a sugar high from chocolate chip cookies.)
The fact is, weight doesn’t just show up. It’s the culmination of weeks, months or years that is triggered by emotion—and fad diets don’t address those emotions, and how to deal with them in a healthy way. They don’t even teach you how to develop a healthier relationship with food so you can combat your food addiction. All they do is provide a cleanse, or a food plan that drastically changes what you can eat (and for many, this leads to immediate feelings of deprivation.)
Fad Diets Neglect Essential Nutrients Your Body Needs to Thrive
Sure, the appeal of a no-carb diet is tempting, nut how healthy is it? The truth is, your body needs complex carbs such as oatmeal, sweet potatoes, fruit and vegetables, and nuts. Carbs turn into energy. So, if you eliminate carbs from your diet, where are you getting your energy from? If you neglect fats (good fat sources like almonds, avocado, salmon and olive oil) are essential for your brain, nerve and heart health, as well as absorbing important nutrients (like vitamins E and K).
Healthy foodA thriving body requires a variety in diet and exercise to lose weight—and sustain that weight loss. Instead of killing yourself over a highly restrictive fad diet, why not commit to a delicious meal plan (with smaller portions) that tastes good, and will take the weight off—without any of the guilt, or health risks? In fact, when you dedicate your meal plan to five (mini) protein rich, good fats and complex carbs meals throughout your day, you actually get to eat more (and lose weight while doing it!)
Enjoy a yogurt loaded with antioxidant rich blackberries and strawberries for breakfast, followed by some cheese and a few crackers for a mid-morning snack. Make a tuna stuffed avocado for lunch (mix a can of tuna with diced onions, celery, salt, pepper and a tablespoon of mayonnaise). Enjoy an apple with peanut butter for a mid-afternoon snack and prepare a roasted chicken breast on top of a bed of greens for dinner. It’s really that easy to trade out the yo-yo dieting that comes with fat diets for a delicious, healthy meal plan that works.