Soda manufacturers know what they’re doing—and they do it well. Just look around you, because whether you’re a student, or a career professional in an office, soda is everywhere! It’s in the break room vending machines, at every store you go into, and readily accessible wherever you’re dining out. Whether you have the occasional Coke, or a Diet Dr. Pepper every morning, it’s time to stop!—and we’ve laid out all the reasons why. Keep reading to change your health for the better.
It Contains Way More Sugar Than What’s Recommended in a Day
Do you know how much sugar your beloved can of coke, Dr. Pepper, Sprite or Mountain Dew contains? One can of ginger ale soda (12 ounces) contains 31.8 grams of sugar. The same serving of a can of root beer contains over 39 grams of sugar, and orange flavored soda (like Fanta or Crush) contains over 40 grams of sugar, while cream based sodas take the cake at 49.3 grams of sugar!
Unfortunately, many soda drinkers consume more than a can of soda, making their intake of a 16 ounce or 20 ounce serving of soda at 50 or 60 grams of sugar per day! The recommended daily sugar intake for an adult male is about 150 calories, or 37.5 grams per day. The recommended daily sugar intake for an adult female is 100 calories, or 25 grams of sugar per day. As the American Heart Association suggests, this amounts to much less than a can of soda.
desk-1492258_640Your Diet Soda Contains Aspartame (a Controversial Diet Ingredient)
Addiction to diet soda can be just as bad as drinking soda with cane or table sugar—and some argue, it may even be worse. This is because aspartame, which is the zero-calorie ingredient used for sweetness to diet drinks, is chemically produced and because consumers are saving calories, they can be prone to overindulge (drinking way more than the one can per day that is recommended). Over consumption may lead to obesity, kidney failure and diabetes.
Whether you’re addicted to the sugar, the “diet” choice, or the habit, there are ways to stop drinking so much soda and reach for a healthier option, instead. Here are some easy ways to implement it in your life, today:
• Limit your caffeine intake. If you’re used to drinking a few sodas per day, start decreasing your daily intake. So, if you’ve been enjoying a Coke every morning before going to work, find a healthier drinking habit like mint tea, water or juice. Take a morning walk or exercise at your gym to get your energy levels going!
• Make sure to stock up on non-soda drink alternatives. Jazz up your water with cucumber, strawberry or watermelon slices. Have kombucha and juice on hand, or stop off at your nearby juicing store for a smoothie.
While you’re working on eliminating your soda habit, go easy on yourself. If it helps, treat yourself to a soda here and there (it won’t hurt you), but then refocus on healthier drink options. Your body truly is your temple, and you’ll feel as good as the ingredients you put into it.