Resistance bands, which are the funny looking rubber band with handles at each end, are everywhere—and there’s a reason why! They are the perfect do-it-anywhere-you-want-to workout. Pack it in your suitcase, take one to your body strengthening class, or use it in your living room. The possibilities to get toned and tight are endless. Here’s why you should add a resistance band to your workout, stat!

There’s a Reason Resistance Bands Have Grown in Popularity

Resistant bands are all the rage, so if your yoga instructor asked you to get out your band, and you felt a bit out of it, it’s time to jump on the band…bandwagon! Resistant bands can be purchased for under $15 (at some places, under $10) and allow you to do virtually any type of exercise. Consider it your own personal gym. Here are some of the many workouts you can do:

  • Shoulder presses
  • Tricep extensions
  • Squats
  • Bicep curls
  • Rows, etc.

While your gym may only have one resistance level to choose from, you can buy your own and purchase a light, medium or heavy resistance band and reap even more benefits. Here are some of the many advantages to incorporating one into your weekly workout:

  • They keep the workouts coming, even when you’re traveling for work. Even if you’re completely devoted to working out, a hectic traveling schedule for work can slow down your progress, and put a damper in your momentum. A resistance band fits up perfectly in a suitcase, and is the perfect hotel room workout!
  • They adapt to your fitness level. Are you a beginner to working out and feeling a bit shy about exercising in public? If so, a resistance band is perfect—simply because you can adjust the band to fit your comfort and fitness level. As you get toned, you can increase the intensity and continue to challenge yourself by tightening the band or even using several bands at once.
  • group exercising with a resistance band

    It’s the cheapest full-body workout around. Gym memberships can be pricey (but worth it if you’re committed to achieving a healthy lifestyle.) However, if your budget is simply too tight to pay for a monthly fee, a resistance band is the next best option. For less than $15, you can own your own gym! Increase the intensity of pull-ups, push-ups and even squats. Or, engage in a full body workout and use it as a tool for a lower body, upper body and radically transform your core.

No matter what your lifestyle may look like (or how hectic it may seem), a resistance band makes it possible to get your daily workout in. Add the band to your exercise routine, and you’ll transform your body in no time!