Woman Weight Training At GymBy now, you know that when it comes to getting fit, toned and slim, there are no ‘quick fixes’ or magic remedies to reach your goals. To change your body, you must go outside your comfort zone by changing a few eating habits and increase your daily activity. So, what’s the rule for getting in shape as quickly as possible? Keep reading to discover the three S’s of fitness, which are guaranteed to rev your metabolism, enhance your mood and drive you straight home to the finish line of success!


Stamina, otherwise known as endurance, is crucial for a happy, healthy life.  Exercise is an important part of achieving a healthy, balanced and fit life, but many people make the mistake of focusing solely on their strength training without spending any time improving their physical stamina. Consider the benefits of increased endurance: more energy throughout your day, clearer focus at work, and a boost in your overall mood and attitude.

Not sure how to improve your stamina?

Start off simple by switching out the type of exercise you do on a weekly basis. Your stamina can plateau when you perform the same type of exercise all the time, so rotating from high intensity, short sets of heavier weights to low intensity, repetitive sets of less weight can make a big difference. As a result of increasing your stamina, you’ll improve your energy in all areas of your life!


Got strength training on your agenda for the upcoming week? If you don’t, you should.  Strength training doesn’t just allow your body to become toned, lean and strong, but it offers countless mental and emotional benefits as well. Getting active in the weight room means that you’ll rev up your metabolism, minimize your risk for ‘the blues’, and increase your chances for a sound night sleep. According to the American Heart Association, healthy adults should be strength training twice a week. Improve your figure—and your overall quality of life—by pushing, squatting and lifting, and you’ll notice an immediate difference.


Who says you have to reach your goals all by yourself? Who says you even have to exercise alone? Reaching for your goals—whether it’s getting buff arms, finding your soul mate or traveling the world—is never easy. But then, what is that’s truly worth having? Whether you want to shed 30 pounds or increase your muscle mass, you can’t always do it alone.

If your workouts are getting stagnant, call up your best friend, co-worker or neighbor (it can be anyone as long as they are enthusiastic about meeting a fitness goal of their own) and work out together. When you lean on others for support—through the pitfalls and triumphs—you’ll find joy in crossing the finish line together.