Who doesn’t want to feel amazing in her skin? Who doesn’t want to have a flat tummy, great butt, and sculpted, shapely legs? Who doesn’t want to have high energy and brain power all day long? These are just some of the many benefits strength training can offer—and why, as a woman, it’s more important than ever to strength train.
You’ll Get Lean, Sculpted Strength
Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to do more cardio to lose weight – you need more strength training composed of compound movements to target as many muscle groups at once. Strength training is essential to change (or improve) your body because as you work your muscles, you then break them down. During the process of your muscles rebuilding (which happens 24-48 hours following your strength training workout), your body’s energy is hard at work, and your metabolism is sky high—even when you’re taking a nap. The lesson to be learned here? Strength training can and will lead to sculpted arms, legs and buttocks—if you keep at it!
Young woman measuring her thighYou’ll Lose More Fat
When you concentrate on cardio alone, sure—you’ll lose some weight. However, when you strength train along with a cardio exercise plan, you’ll get more calorie burning for your buck! That’s because every lift, squat, and lunge you do is actually causing an ‘after-burn’ to occur…meaning, the more you lift, squat and lunge, the greater of an ability you’ll have to increase your metabolism, burn calories while you’re sitting at the office, and create a metabolic-efficiency body that turns heads. As you increase your muscle mass, you will be able to more easily control, adjust and transform your weight loss.
You’ll Improve Your Posture
Do you slouch at the office all day long? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. Many people do—but one of the easiest ways you can improve your posture (and thus, look taller and leaner as a result) is with a strength training workout. Begin an exercise plan that focuses on strengthening the back muscles, and incorporate exercises like the plank a few times a week, and within a very short time, you’ll stand up straighter, and radiate an inner confidence that’s magnetic to those around you!
A strength training routine is an amazing anti-stress, successful workout any woman can do on her own, and even without a complicated workout program. Start with the basics, and enjoy the process, because with each lift, push and lunge, you’re changing your body—so have a great time doing it!