So you’ve lost almost the weight you vowed to shed through diet and exercise. But, as you inch closer to the finish line, you can’t seem to budge the scale. Luckily, this isn’t new and you aren’t alone: almost everyone trying to lose weight hits the final 5-pound push. But, why is this happening? Well, there are a number of reasons. Check them out here.

Your Weight Goal is Too Low

When you set out on your weight loss journey, you chose a goal; and that kept you pushing through each and every workout. However, when you were heavier, you couldn’t imagine how your body would settle or what your healthiest weight actually would be.

For many, the weight before those final five pounds is your naturally healthy weight. So, instead of digging to go further, keep to your routine and be happy with how far you’ve come. This isn’t settling; this is recognizing what healthy means for your body.

You Hit the Plateau

After months and weeks of workouts, your body just isn’t responding like it always has. That’s because it’s used to the same old thing. Your routine has been effective but is beginning to stagnate.

Instead of doing your usual routine, try something new. Take a workout class, leave the gym for an outdoors run, or workout with a friend and try their routine. No matter what weight you are, the same workout will become inefficient if you don’t change it up once in a while.

Your Confidence Grows

Losing the last 5 pounds may not be physical, but mental. With so much weight lost, you feel confident in your clothes and walk with a bounce in your step. Relish in this feeling and let the final pounds come off as they want. Don’t forgo your workouts, but relax and enjoy this feeling instead of forcing yourself to make those last pounds fall off.

You’re Too Focused on Low-Fat

Eating healthy has been integral to your weight loss, but that doesn’t mean all low-fat foods equal less fat on your body. Low-fat foods are often high in sodium, sugar and carbs, which can be worse for you than the full-fat counterpart.

Stock up on whole food, such as fruits and vegetables, that don’t have to shout their healthfulness on a box. Whole foods are naturally low in fat, and will fill you up, too. Relying on processed “low-fat” foods will keep you from shedding the final 5 pounds, no matter how hard you try.
After long-term diet changes and workout routines, it’s easy to become fatigued. If you’ve been holding back from eating out, having a drink or digging into dessert, hold back no more. When you let yourself unwind just a little you’ll feel even more motivated to stick with it. Think, “I had dessert last night, I better get in a good run this morning.”

You’re Diet Fatigued

There are many reasons why you may be having trouble losing the last few stubborn pounds, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to do. Assess why they may be sticking around, and what you can change to make it happen once and for all.