You just pushed yourself out of your comfort zone and into the weight room. It’s been a wild couple of weeks, because you’ve sweated more than you ever have, lifted more than you thought you could, and pushed yourself past all limitations you’ve set for yourself in the past.  But, despite your successes, you’re still not making the progress you want. You’re left feeling frustrated, and like a workout failure. Here’s why losing out on a workout can be in your best interest.

The Whole Point to a Workout is This…

Strong Bodybuilding FemaleSo many people who want to lose inches off their middle and gain muscle on their biceps are focusing on the outcome. When will I see a difference in my body? How long will it be until I can go down a pants size? How much more time will it take to have killer abs, stronger shoulders or increased endurance?

While they work out, they’re growing in frustration and impatience. They stop short of pushing themselves through another round of leg extensions or lunges because the negative self-talk creeps in. Or, they get so frustrated at not having enough endurance (yet!) to make it through a spin class that they give up—before they’re given themselves a real chance to succeed.

Unfortunately, they’ve missed the point.

Your workout isn’t about the outcome. It’s about each and every moment and movement of dedication that you bring to the weight room, the spin class or the pool. It’s about you, and the only one you’re competing with is YOU.

Can you fail a workout? Yes. But, it’s not by not lifting enough, or immediately transforming your body from head to toe. You’ll only fail when your head isn’t in the game—when you let negative thoughts impact the moment that you’re lifting, pressing, lunging and squatting your heart out.

When a Work Out Program Isn’t the Right One For YouConcentrated Woman Lifting Weight

If you take a boot camp class for example, and it’s too hard on your knees or you don’t like the exercises that the class is made of, ‘failing’ the program may be a good thing. In other words, if a class or weight loss program is beyond your fitness ability, it’s not setting you up for success. Motivation is key for any weight loss, health or fitness goals. Motivation—those very thoughts encouraging and inspiring you to do your best in the gym—are your driving force for success. With each and every day that you commit to making your body healthier and happier, remember this: choose a workout that fits your lifestyle, is in line with your goals, and sets you up for success.  When you do that, you’ll always be a workout winner.