Exercise is beneficial regardless of where you decide to do it—but if you want to get the most out of your workouts or need a change of scenery, then consider taking your workout outside. Here are some top reasons why you should move from indoors to outdoors for a change of pace!

Increase Your Energy Level and Self Esteem

Based on a study conducted by the American Chemical Society, exercising in outdoor natural environments has a greater effect on one’s mental well-being.

By taking your exercise outdoors, you tend to feel far more revitalized and in a better overall spirit than you do when exercising indoors. It has also been proven that most have far more energy when exercising outdoors as opposed to staying inside, not just for the duration of the workout but for hours after your workout as well.

Those who exercise outdoors in a natural environment consistently enjoy higher self-esteem than those who only exercise within a gym or home, which is caused in large part due to the fact that you will experience far more social interactions outdoors than you will when remaining indoors.

“To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise.”

Burn More Calories and Increase Your Vitamin D

Did you know you can burn more calories by moving your workout outdoors?

The longer you exercise the more calories you are able to burn—but when exercising outside, you experience more variables that lead to more calories burned, such as wind resistance, hills, changing environments and exposure to the sun.

While sunlight usually gets a bad rap and too much sunlight can be harmful in various ways, a healthy dose of exposure to the sun can have health benefits, such as increased vitamin D intake. With sunlight comes more vitamin D intake, which is important to your overall health. Vitamin D has been proven to aid in weight loss, which is oftentimes the main goal of exercise. Also, vitamin D is known to help reduce depression and even help prevent depression from developing.

The next time you have the option to exercise outdoors, take the opportunity and both your body and mind will be grateful—allowing you to reach your goals in no time at all.