Calory intake word cloudIf you’ve been ‘battling the bulge’ since the beginning of the New Year (and seriously regretting your indulgence mindset from the holidays), then you know how weight loss goes. You can’t lose weight if you consume more calories than you burn. So, stop depriving your body of calories after an action packed workout! Read on to find out why consuming extra calories is a good thing—and why you actually need it to reach your weight loss goals.

Hard Workout, Hard Core Appetite

There’s no better feeling that finishing up an intense workout. Your heart is pumping, your mindset is motivational, and your muscles are sore—and just the way you need them to be in order to tighten and tone. You have just burned hundreds of calories, which means your body is in hungry mode. Now it’s time to replenish and fuel every cell of your body, and some extra calories are the way to go.

The When and Why of Calorie Consuming That You Need to Know

photodune-6267340-calorie-kilograms-sport-diet-xsHow many times have you pushed yourself in spin class, during a yoga session or lifting in the weight room, and skipped that post-workout snack—only to be famished by dinner time? When you don’t consume enough calories (especially after enduring a grueling, adrenaline packed workout), your body will go into ‘starvation mode’, and crave sweet, carb-heavy snacks that will completely undo all the hard work at the gym you just plowed through.

Got a sweet tooth, or a soft spot for greasy fries? If you don’t grab a snack that’s rich in protein and fiber within half an hour after your workout ends, expect your attitude to turn into a beast—wanting anything in sight.

Need some ideas?

Munch on any of the following, and you’re sure to make every cell of your body rejoice:

  • An apple, or topped with peanut butter
  • Slices of pita bread or pita chips with hummus
  • Half of a sliced avocado on an open faced turkey sandwich
  • A protein shake with a banana, coconut water (to hydrate), whey powder, and half a cup of Greek yogurt (for an extra protein kick).
  • A handful of blueberries and raspberries (or any kind of berries that are in season) topped on oatmeal
  • A veggie or meat lover’s omelet stuffed full with your favorites: cheese, broccoli, avocado, mushrooms, tomatoes, ham, turkey, Canadian bacon, etc.

Remember: your body is your playground, but it’s also the vehicle in which you depend on it to get you from point A to point B. Give it the fuel it needs to stay in its best condition yet by taking in extra calories after a tough workout.  When you do, every cell in your body will thank you for it.