Couple working out togetherIs it true the couple that plays together, stays together? Maybe. While working out together isn’t a guarantee of forever bliss, it certainly doesn’t hurt. In fact, working out together helps in a lot of ways – here are just a few.


Back away from the couch

Let’s face it, commitment to fitness is easier with accountability and support. After all, it is pretty tough to hit the gym when your beloved is hitting the snooze button or cruising the couch. You are more likely to skip exercise if you have to go it alone. Going together is just more fun and you’re more likely to stick with it in the long run, too.


A little friendly competition is sexy

Partners that experience each other in exciting and different ways find one another more attractive. Working out together also encourages you to kick it up a notch. That means you’ll build more stamina and endurance, and set a new personal best. Pretty sexy. Working out just makes you feel more confident, too. Confidence is sexy in any size body and your partner is sure to notice the new swagger or sway in your steps.


Fit young couple working out at the gymShow you care

Encouraging your sweetie to join you in a sweat session shows you care. Exercise is strongly associated with healthy aging, reduced likelihood of chronic illness such as diabetes and even longer life. That’s better than flowers or candy any day. What’s more, regular exercise boosts mood so you can be your best self instead of that cranky and stressed person who keeps showing up.


Spend quality time together

Working out is another way to spend quality time together. You get all the benefits of a fun outing without breaking the bank. Every date doesn’t have to be dinner and a movie. Besides, with a jam packed schedule working out together means you don’t have to skip fitness to see your sweetie.


Lose together

Couples often put on weight as they support each other in being sedentary. Lose the extra weight together so no one feels left out or left behind. Use exercise as a way to explore new things together and spice up your relationship. Sign up for a race. Take a hike. Join the gym and sign up for that class you’ve been dying to try. Any opportunity to get out of your regular routine is bound to add sparkle to your relationship and get you out of that rut. You’ll have more energy and maybe even lose a few pounds to boot. That’s a pretty good reason to get out there and work up a sweat together. Have fun!