Say no!We’ve all done it, so let’s be real about the matter: we cheat on our workout from time to time. Most of us have ‘done it’ two, three or ten times—or perhaps too many times to count. We work overtime and sacrifice an evening workout, or we lose the drive to achieve our fitness goals because of a new relationship, laziness, or procrastination. Any form of cheating is a bad idea—and that goes double for cheating on your workout. Here are three reasons why you should head to the gym, pronto.

You’ve Come So Far (So Keep Going!)

Do you remember how much effort it initially took to ‘get in the zone’? Do you remember how amazing it felt to lose weight or get ripped by squatting, crunching , squat and lifting until you shed inches off of your mid-section?  As a result of that hard work, you never felt (and let’s face it, looked) better. Why squander the progress you’ve made by cheating on your workout or skipping out on it altogether? They don’t call it a ‘workout’ for nothing—and that’s because it takes work to push through the physical pain, and the temporary moments of doubt. Keep going because you’ve come so far already.

When You Skip Workouts, You Lose Steam

If you’ve ever missed a week worth of strength training and cardio classes, then you know how it feels when you come back to the gym. It’s brutal. It feels harsh. Why does it seem like you’ve been away for months? When you cheat on your workout by skipping out of a class or two, or staying too busy to make exercise a priority, you lose steam.

Try this instead: if you can’t make it to the gym during an unusually busy work week, get creative about moving more throughout your day. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, or take a walk with a co-worker during your lunch hour.

The Better Your Body Works, the Better Your Life Becomes

Your body is a vehicle for which you move through life—and it should be the last thing you struggle with. When tempted to ‘cheat’ in the weight room, think of it like this: each lift, lunge and squat you push through is getting you once step closer the life you want—and the life you deserve.

When you cheat on your workout—by putting in half the effort, or skipping out on your workout altogether—you’re only cheating on yourself.  Step up your game at the gym each and every time, and you’ll live the healthiest, happiest life possible.