What is Gym Etiquette?

 The gym can be intimidating and crowded—and if you’re brand new to the gym environment, it can be overwhelming. How long can you be on one machine if someone else is waiting? What’s the wipe down policy after using equipment? We’ve got the standard do’s and don’ts you need.

Don’t Be the Kind of Person That Doesn’t Wipe Down Gym Equipment

There’s nothing worse than heading over to the shoulder press, row cables or leg press only to find the back of the seat covered in someone’s sweat. It’s not only unhygienic, it’s inconsiderate. Even if you see someone else leaving their workout without wiping it down—refuse to be ‘that kind of gym-goer,’ and do the right thing. Wipe your machine down, and then continue on with your workout.

Be Aware of Others

When you’re on a machine—especially when it comes to free weights, be mindful of other’s space near you (the last thing you want to do is bump into them and interrupt their flow.) If you’re at the gym during a hectic time (Saturday morning, or after work), be mindful that everyone is in a rush to burn some calories just like you are. Be courteous about the machines you’re on, and their personal space.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make—is being unaware of others and your environment. Anytime you’re headed towards a machine, take a look around. Is anyone looming around it, circling near the machine you’re headed towards? You should ask them if they are working in a set, and if so, you’ll be back when they’re done.

Some don’t rules to follow:


  • Don’t forget to wear deodorant (no one likes the smell of an unhygienic gym goer!);
  • Don’t hog the machines;
  • Don’t stare at others who are working out;
  • Don’t be late for personal training or group training classes.

Upholding gym etiquette standards means that you’re sharing a space respectively. The gym is for everyone, so be good to the equipment and others who are working out near you. That way, everyone can benefit.