Foam roller on mat at the crossfit gymWhether you have aching muscles you need to sooth, or your workout needs something new thrown in the mix, there’s nothing like a foam roller to save the day. Keep reading to learn all about the amazing foam roller, and its many uses in the gym—and outside of it!

The Miracle Roller (Aka: Foam Roller)

Exercises with the foam roller (also known as foam rolling) is the perfect exercise tool for several reasons: it can act like your personal masseuse, warms up cold muscles before a workout, and gives you support for a full body workout that you can’t get from standard machines at the gym. Whether you choose to roll slow (to ease the discomfort of aches and pains) or you roll fast (which can give you a great abdominal workout), foam rolling is the best workout tool you never thought you needed!

Old woman using foam roller with personal trainerIt Works Out Hamstrings and Calves

Whether you’ve got sore hamstrings or calves that need toning, the foam roller is the perfect workout tool to utilize—and use as part of your weekly workout plan. Here’s how to do it right:

·         Start off by sitting down on the roller, and with your arms extended behind you (your palms down on the ground for support and balance.)

·         Bend your right knee, and cross your ankle over your left.

·         Slowly roll yourself up and down (from your butt cheek until you get to your knee).

You can also do this exercise for your calves. Simply lower the roller over to your calf, cross your right leg over your left and slowly roll it up and down over that calf. Then, repeat on the other side.

Tighten Those Quads

If you want to tighten your quad (and glutes for that matter) but want something different to add to the mix than your usual squats and lunges, try this foam rolling sensation! The mechanics of it are simple enough for a beginner to master, and challenging enough for even the most experienced workout queen (or king!)

Simply lie down on your roller, face down. Adjust so that your roller is right under your hips. Begin by leaning down on your left leg and move that roller all the way down to your knee, and then back up again. Repeat on the other side.

It doesn’t matter where you work out, because foam rolling is the perfect at-home or at-the-gym tool. It eases aching muscles, provides you relaxation and brings something different to your workout, each and every time.