Looking to get in shape super quick? These exercises will help you jumpstart a weight loss plan that yields results you can see.



High-intensity interval training torches fat and burns calories fast. HIIT is just a fancy way to describe alternating periods of high and low intensity during exercise. To do it try weaving in 30 to 60 seconds of running or jogging every couple of minutes the next time you go for a walk.



Compound exercises, such as squats, recruit at least two muscle groups. They also recruit a lot of muscle fibers to help you slim down more efficiently. Other kinds of compound exercises include push-ups, pull-ups, dips, lunges, and deadlifts. Create a sequence of these and work it into a 30-minute routine, three times weekly.


Be a climber

Mountain climbers are notoriously dreaded, but they get results. Work virtually every major muscle group including your heart with mountain climbers. Feeling really motivated? Add in some burpees and a few minutes of rope jumping for a killer workout that shows extra pounds you mean business.



Pedal your way to weight loss with a stationary or road bike. Cycling makes it easy to get in a HIIT workout that is low-impact and fun. 



Get your heart pumping with whatever workout you really love. Ultimately, the best exercise to burn the most fat is the one you will commit to consistently. So, if you love step class, go for it! Likewise, with jumping jacks, spin class, swimming, squash, tennis, and kickboxing. Go for what you love and do it regularly.


Kettlebell exercise

Kettlebell workouts help you get your whole body in shape while you build strength and stamina. You’ll burn a lot of calories and fat to shape up fast, too. Start with a lighter weight until you have mastered the form, then go heavier and swing your way to a slimmer figure.


Couple your exercise routine with wise food choices such as adequate protein and fiber. Limit sugary drinks and high-fat foods. Drink plenty of water and sleep 7 to 8 hours each night. Weight loss isn’t only about exercise. How you care for yourself the rest of the day also matters.