Losing weight is a mystery for many people. You indulge one night, skip your workout the next and, before you know it, you’ve gone completely off course. In such cases, it’s easy to turn to a quick fix diet pill or cleansing method.

Unfortunately, in most cases these dieting tactics end in a quick fat loss and even faster weight gain later. Use these fat loss tips from health professionals to stay on a healthy weight loss track.

“Eat vegetables to help you stay full.”- WebMD expert, Kathleen M. Zelpman, MPH, RD, LD

  • Eating whole foods is a tenet of good health, but fibrous veggies are even more important. Try to include vegetables in every meal you eat, including breakfast. Not sure where to start? Sautee your favorite vegetables and top them with a poached egg.

“Indulge in fat-releasing foods.” – StealthHealth, Readers Digest

  • Health.com reports that these foods will help you feel less deprived and stop you from binging on high calorie meals. These foods include what are likely some of your favorites already: honey, part-skim ricotta cheese, dark chocolate and eggs.

“Incorporate weight training into your routine.” – Bob Harper, on Prevention.com

  • Most people think that weight loss equals endless, painful hours on the treadmill. Quite the contrary. While some cardio is necessary for losing weight, strength training is what will help you keep the pounds off for good. Harper explains that, not only does weight lifting burn 8 to 10 calories a minute, but your metabolism spikes for about an hour afterward.

“Eat every 3 or 4 hours.” – Eating Well expert, Nicci Micco, MS

  • While studies vary on whether or not this actually helps you lose weight, one thing is clear: eating smaller meals and snacking in between keeps you from over eating and feeling the sting of hunger pangs all day long. Nicco reminds readers, however, that the more you snack the less calories your snacks should have. Think: peanut butter and banana, carrots and hummus, almonds and cottage cheese.

“Peruse the perimeter [at the grocery store].” – Greatist Health Expert, Nicole Mcdermott

  • If you haven’t noticed, most processed food is around the perimeter of the grocery store. Start in the middle, the produce section, and go out from there. The more time you spend in the middle, the healthier your choices will be when you leave. In other words, plan to fight the battle against a pint of ice cream in the store, not in your kitchen at 11pm.

“Make 80 percent of the food you eat healthy and take 20 percent of your daily calories and make them fun.” – Jillian Michaels, on Health.com

  • Don’t deprive yourself of the things you love. If you make room for these things in your diet, you’re less likely to crash and burn at the first sign of chocolate cake. Focus on healthy foods, but let yourself indulge in moderation.

Losing weight is hard for many people, and for good reason. With so many temptations to eat unhealthy and skip the gym, it’s easy to go off the rails every time you try to navigate through a diet. Get back on the tracks with these healthy weight loss tips, and stay there for good.