Do you want to be toned by the time the wedding bells ring—and he’s ‘put a ring on it’? Whether you have a few pounds to lose, or a little bit more jiggle in your thighs that you’d care for (and a few months to prep), we’ve got your ultimate wedding fitness guide here! Prepare to get your fitness on, and you’ll be primed and ready for your spring or summer wedding.
Weeks One and Two
If you currently do not have an exercise routine, that’s ok! The goal of your first two weeks is to build up your momentum and start toning. For the first week, spend thirty minutes, three times that week, walking at an incline, on the stair master or jogging on the treadmill. For week two, spend five days at the gym: three of those days should be focused on 30 minutes of cardio (a combination of low intensity and high intensity is best as it’ll rev up your metabolism) and the remaining two days (with two days of rest in between) should focus on strength training.
Here is a list of exercises that will work you out from head to toe:
• Planks
• Tricep dips
• Bicep curls
• Leg extensions
• Burpees
• Wall sits
• Push-ups
• Butt kicks
• Jumping jacks
• Crunches
Weeks Three and Four
The goal of week three and four (and beyond until your wedding day!) is to challenge your body through a variety of exercises daily. Make sure that you aren’t doing the same exercise over and over again (otherwise, you’ll likely to plateau.) So, we’ve developed a model to go by, day by day for three days’ time. Feel free to use this for the remaining weeks leading up to your wedding, and change up the intensity, duration, and reps as much as you can.
Day 1
Here’s where you’re really going to feel the burn! Go easy on yourself, and if it’s too much (you want to feel the burn, but not so much where’s you’re struggling to keep up):
• 20 crunches
• 10 wall sits
• 20 push-ups
• 15 lunges
• 10 (more) crunches
• 25 squats
Day 2
If you’re feeling too sore after day one, spend 45 minutes walking on the treadmill or swimming laps. If you have a bike (or access to a stationary bike) that’s a great form of exercise that won’t kill your aching joints. If you can handle strength training, push yourself to get it done! Here’s what to focus on:
• 15 wall sits
• 35 lunges
• 13 backward lunges
• 20 jumping jacks
• 30 crunches
• 15 more jumping jacks
• 15 back squats
Day 3
On day three, you’ll feel the burn, but remind yourself it’s well worth it because of the changes you’re already making to your body! Focus on some more of the same exercises as earlier in the week, but with a higher quantity:
• 40 lunges
• 40 crunches
• 25 wall sits
• 50 crunches
• 50 jumping jacks
• 20 bench presses
• 50 push-ups
wedding-443600_640When you follow this wedding fitness guide, you’ll feel like a million bucks on your wedding day. That’ll free up your mental energy to enjoy a day you’ll never forget and make memories with loved ones and your fiancé that last a lifetime.