When it comes to sports the right shoe isn’t only for comfort but also for safety and better performance. Here are some things to look for when buying shoes for fitness.

Select the right shoe
According to the American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society these tips can help you choose well, regardless of your sport.
• Purchase athletic shoes from a specialty store – Store staff can advise you on the best type of shoe for your foot (think arch and gait) and sport. They can also be sure the shoe fits well.
• Shop in the evening – Your feet will be at their largest at the end of the day.
• Be sure you get a great fit – wear the same socks you plan to wear with the shoe. There should not be a breaking in period. Your shoe should be comfortable from the start. Run a bit while in the store to check for comfort.

AOFAS also advises that if you participate in a sport three or more times a week, you need a sport-specific shoe. Here’s what you need to know:

Running Shoes
Runner’s World offers these tips:
• Your heel should feel snug but not tight in the shoe
• Your instep should feel snug and supported
• You should be able to pinch a quarter inch of upper material along the widest part of your foot. If the shoe is too narrow, you’ll feel the base of your little toe sitting on the edge of the shoe last.
• There should be a thumb’s width of space between your longest toe and the end of a shoe.

Shoes for cardio
Look for a lightweight shoe that helps prevent foot fatigue. There should also be enough support around the ball of your foot so that shock is easily absorbed as you jump around.

Shoes for soccer
The type of shoes you wear will depend on where you play. Available options include firm ground boots, soft ground boots as well as those for hard and artificial ground.

Shoes for cycling
As with soccer, option around. How you choose will depend on how you ride. Things to think about include pedal compatibility, cleat style, and outsole type. It is a good idea to talk with specialty store staff about your biking habits so you get the right shoe for your needs.

Choosing the right shoe for your sport can protect you from injury, boost performance and help you feel more comfortable while you work out. If you practice your sport regularly, sport specific shoes are worth the investment.