Trampolines aren’t just for fun; they are also excellent fitness tools.  Also called rebounding, trampoline workouts are popping up in fitness centers and home gyms alike. There is good reason to jump on this fitness bandwagon. Want to learn why you might want to get in on the action? Read on.

Bounce Away Stress and Anxiety

Rebounding is as effective an exercise activity as other cardio workouts like tennis, treadmill jogging and even the elliptical. Like other workouts rebounding is a great way to beat stress, anxiety and insomnia.  Other benefits include improved balance and coordination, as well as a boost to your endorphins. Endorphins boost mood so rebounding can be a healthy strategy for bouncing the blues away.

Boost Your Metabolism

Using a trampoline as part of your workout plan can boost to your metabolism. In just three, 30 minute sessions weekly you can jump your way to a smaller waistline. A 150 pound person can expect to burn as many as 11 calories for every workout minute on the trampoline. You will work up a sweat, which will lead to better cardiovascular health, too. Rebounding can be particularly important for people that are new to exercise or just plain hate it. That’s because rebounders generally perceive the level of exertion during their workout to be much lower than it actually is. Who says exercise can’t be fun?

Getting Started

If you decide to include a trampoline in your home fitness routine proceed with caution. Before you get started be sure the trampoline is level with a non-skid surface. Place it away from anything you could potentially fall into and know how much space you have to avoid head bumping. Common injuries include sprains and shin splints so be sure to monitor your footing.

Begin with a few minutes of gentle jumping to help the body warm up. After you have warmed up a bit and start to feel comfortable on the trampoline, jump a little higher. As you build confidence try adding a few moves. For example, jumping jacks, knee raises (jump high and bring your knees to your chest), leg splits (jump and bring your legs out to your sides as if you were attempting to straddle something or do a split). You can even jog on your trampoline. The most important thing is to get moving safely. So pump up the music and start jumping your way to better health.