desired brunette woman posing in leather corsetCelebrities like Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose have been driving the waist training craze. In theory the super tight corset, worn for several hours at a time, shrinks the mid-section resulting in an hour glass figure. In fact, despite before and after photos attesting differently, waist training does not shrink your waist. Think twice before you jump on the latest beauty craze bandwagon. This one actually does more harm than good.

The dangers of waist training include:

  • Internal damage – these super cinchers hug your body so tightly even your organs get a squeeze. The risk is damage to your lungs and ribs.
  • Restricted movement – waist trainers are not unlike vice grips. Wearing one makes it difficult to perform regular movements such as bending, sitting and twisting.
  • Impaired breathing – undue pressure on the stomach and rib cage impair normal breathing patterns. Fainting and dizzy spells with waist trainers are not uncommon.
  • Backne – the tight fitting material can cause sweating and bacteria which can lead to breakouts.
  • Heartburn – again, because your internal organs are constricted you do lose some function. Waist trainers can lead to reflux caused by too much pressure on the stomach.
  • Unrealistic expectations – avoid the inevitable disappointment that comes with magic bullets. Sure, you may be able to achieve an hourglass look while you are wearing the waist trainer. Just know that your silhouette will return to its normal shape as soon as the trainer is removed. It isn’t that you did anything wrong. It is only that waist trainers don’t work like we wish they would. So what to do instead?

Forget magic pills and potions. As much as we would like to Fit bodybelieve there is a shortcut to the body of our dreams – there isn’t.

  • Set realistic expectations – expect to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week for healthy weight reduction.
  • Know you can’t spot reduce – you can shrink your middle as part of a diet and exercise program that leads to overall weight loss. Aim for a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise each week. Include weight training because muscle is leaner than fat and also boosts your metabolism.
  • Understand your body type – Most of us will never look like Beyoncé no matter what we do. That is okay. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes – sexy does, too. Play up the parts of your body you love. Confidence looks good in any size.