Fitness health exerciseFeeling like that latest fad diet (that claims you give up all carbs and fruit in order to get the body you want) is just not giving you the results you want? When it comes to losing weight, getting toned and feeling like your most amazing self, there’s no madness to this method. In fact, achieving fitness success is simple—train your body by using your own weight. It’s that simple! Here’s how to do it right.


Training Your Best Body Ever (and Stop the Madness)

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, 2015 should be all about body weight training. If you’re thinking, “Huh? I’m already using my body when I work out”, you’re right—kind of. Most people head to the gym and use weight machines and that’s great. But for anyone who feels like they just don’t have the time to squeeze in a daily workout, body weight training is the best workout TO do. It follows you everywhere you go, because it’s the practice of using your body for resistance—as opposed to a leg press, bicep curl or crunch machine.

In a report done by The American College of Sports Medicine, body weight training beat out Zumba, Yoga, Pilates and even the popular High Intensity Interval Training. Why? Not only is body weight training effective, but you’ll never again be without the ‘equipment’ you need to strengthen, tone and tighten. Office aerobics? Getting some crunches in while you’re at the grocery store? Strengthening your biceps while do household chores? No problem, because body weight training is your personal, one stop gym. Open whenever you need it, and accessible 24/7.

Focus on the Classics (It’s Old School and You’ll Love It!)

Now that you know what body weight training is about, what kind of exercises do you concentrate on? Start with the basics. Go old school. And, enjoy doing it from the convenience of your living room or backyard!

Muscular man doing push ups on fit boxFor starters, go for the old school exercises you did in your high school P.E. class: push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups. Strengthen your outer thigh and glutes with the ‘skater squat’ (it resembles the motion of a classic squat but when you come back up, lean to the left and extend your opposing leg out as though you’re ‘skating.’ Then, repeat with the other side.) Improve your quads, core and glutes by marching in place (lifting each leg one at a time as high as you can while pulling your arms down as you lift.)

Body weight is the best workout for 2015. Ready to make your New Year’s resolutions a reality? Feeling sick and tired of being ‘sick and tired?’ Health is fundamental. A fit body needs to be a priority. With body weight training, you’ve got the golden ticket to a healthy, happy life.