Working out regularly is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a fit figure, especially as aging begins to set in and you begin getting older. If you have been working out diligently and hitting small milestones and goals you have set for yourself, consider treating yourself to new workout clothes, which can help to boost your mood.


Positively Links Exercise With Rewards


Rewarding yourself with additional workout gear, clothing and accessories is a great way to rewire your brain to associate exercise and fitness with positive results and outcomes. Positively linking exercise with rewards can help you to remain motivated and disciplined, even when you feel as if you no longer want to work out or make exercise a priority. 


Helps to Avoid the Temptation of Indulging in Unhealthy Rewards


By choosing to reward yourself with additional workout clothes for hitting goals or achieving your goal weight, you will avoid the temptation to indulge in unhealthy rewards, such as eating junk food or straying away from your diet and fitness goals altogether. Investing in more workout gear, healthier foods and other items that support a healthier lifestyle is much better than giving in to old habits. 


Better Fitting Clothing


Reaching a weight loss or fitness goal is extremely satisfying and fulfilling, especially if your fitness goals have also come with additional relief due to chronic pain, illness or other bodily issues you experience. When you reward yourself with new workout clothes after a month of working out, losing 20 pounds or even benching a higher weight, you can do so while feeling proud of yourself. 


Purchasing better fitting clothing as you continue to lose weight and get fit is a great way to boost your self-esteem as well as your self-confidence. When you feel proud of the work you have accomplished when it comes to your body, it is much easier to live life without feeling self-conscious. Instead, you’ll feel more confident in yourself. 


Expanding Your Existing Wardrobe


New clothes make you feel good, whether you prefer dressing casually or if you are involved in the high-fashion industry. Expanding your existing wardrobe is another way for you to feel good with the release of dopamine as you link your workout and achievements with positive rewards and shopping trips. 


Allow yourself to purchase an entirely new workout outfit each time you reach an incremental weight loss or fitness goal you have set for yourself. Keep track of the goals you have set and reached using a visual calendar to help maintain concentration and focus on reaching them.


Choosing to reward yourself after a workout or after hitting a fitness goal with new workout clothes is a positive, optimistic and winning mindset. When you choose to move forward with your new fitness habits and want to remind yourself of the positive results and rewards you have reaped, you can do so by investing in an entirely new workout wardrobe.