Fitness girl sporty woman measuring her thigh isolatedAre you green with envy for those women who have perfectly slim and trim thighs, and want to know their secret? As it turns out, you don’t need to skip the lattes and dessert (ok, maybe cut back a little) and reduce your caloric intact by 50 percent. All you need is to incorporate some powerfully productive exercises that target the lean muscle you want! Keep reading to learn just what you have to do to fit into those skinny jeans once more.

Gate Swings

Consider this exercise to be your thinner thigh warm-up. The benefit of gate swings is to target your stabilizing muscles and core—all of which you need to engage your thigh muscles, effectively! Start off by standing with your feet flat on the floor, and with your hands behind your head. Lift your right leg up (with your foot flexed), swinging it up and over across your body with your knee bent.

Keep your right leg off of the floor and swing it in a controlled manner about ten times or so to the right side of your body and back again. Repeat with your left side. You’ll feel the burn (and reap the amazing benefits!) in no time.

Side and Sweep Lunge

Start this exercise with your hands on your hips, and your feet apart in the standing position. Take a wide step out to the right, bend your right knee and lower yourself into a lunge. Position yourself back up by pushing on your right heel. Swing your right leg in front of your left, and then bring yourself back to the starting position—your hands still on your hips, shoulders back and contracting your abs. Repeat on the following side.

woman doing squats and exercising outdoorsThe Sumo Squat

For this exercise, you’ll want to ensure that your posture is just right in order to get toned, thin thighs in the quickest time frame possible—as well as ensuring a knee injury doesn’t result. Start out in the standing position, but with your knees and toes pointing outwards. Reach with both arms up (touching either ear), and make sure your hips are dropped down and your back is straight.

Move down in the squatting position, getting as low as you possibly can (like a sumo wrestler!) and positioned on the floor for balance. As you move back up to the starting position (with your arms up over your head) move your left leg over to your right so your heels squeeze together. Then, move back down to the sumo squat position and repeat.

When you bring any of these exercises into your weekly workout, your days of baggy pants and feelings of envy for women with thin thighs will be a thing of your past. Embrace these powerfully effective exercises, and soon you’ll be able to embrace your new, thin and toned lower body!