Back away from the doughnuts! Start your day with nutrient dense foods that help you power through a productive morning. Try these 8 and get ready to say goodbye to that mid-morning slump. Bonus – these will help you resist the siren call of the vending machine or breakroom goodies.

Sweet potato with cottage cheese
Skip the usual morning fare and head straight to deliciousness. Sweet potatoes are a healthy carb with staying power. Pair with cottage cheese for the unbeatable combination of protein and fiber to keep you feeling full until lunch. Add a sprinkle of cinnamon or a few walnuts for an extra treat.

Avocado toast
You don’t have to be a foodie to indulge in this delight. Toast a slice of Ezekiel bread and top with some avocado. Packed with more than 20 vitamins and minerals, avocados are a satisfying, creamy treat. Add a tomato slice for a bit more zing.

Brown rice with eggs
No healthy breakfast list is complete without eggs. Practically the king of easy protein, eggs are versatile and budget friendly. Make a pot of brown rice to have on hand for easier mornings. Top with scrambled, poached or over easy eggs and maybe some scallions and a few ribbons of spinach for a morning meal that is the start of a great day.

Steel cut oats
If you don’t have an instant pot or a crock pot, get one now. Simmer steel cut oats in your new culinary helper for a protein and fiber rich breakfast that won’t break the calorie bank. You can also make overnight oats in a mason jar for an on the go meal you can eat at your desk.

Greek yogurt and berries
This one is a classic, and for good reason. It is easy, fast and full of healthy goodness. You get vitamin C, protein, calcium and more. Add some granola for the pleasure of crunch. Go full fat when you can. The fat is more satisfying and, believe or not, supports weight loss.

Peanut butter and banana wrap
This is another must for the rushed. No need to sacrifice good nutrition when you’re in a hurry. Smear a whole wheat tortilla with a thin layer of peanut butter. Arrange banana, wrap and go. You get potassium, protein, healthy carbs and fiber – what doughnut can compete with all that?

Smoked salmon, tomato and arugula wrap
Keep those whole wheat tortillas or Ezekiel bread handy for healthy meals at home and on the go. In a hurry? Wrap smoked salmon, arugula and tomato to go. Time to eat at the table? Toast Ezekiel bread and smear with a bit of avocado, top with smoked salmon, arugula and tomato – enjoy.

Fruit and eggs
When you are really time crunched there is always the fruit bowl. Keep your commitment to eating healthy meals by keeping the fruit bowl stocked. You should also keep a few hard-boiled eggs in the fridge. Grab an apple, banana, orange and some berries and head out feeling like you’ve got this – because you do.

Eating a healthy breakfast, at least most days, is very doable. It just takes a bit of planning and creativity. You can trust yourself to keep this promise. You’ve got this…really.