Working out at the gym is the perfect place to get toned, keep your momentum going, and hold yourself accountable. It stocked with your favorite machines and classes that you simply can’t get with an at-home workout. So, now that you’re a regular at your gym (even the marathon runners who train there know your name), do you know your gym etiquette? Let’s find out. Test yourself to see if you know all five gym etiquette rules!

Wipe Away Your Sweat

Your sweat contains germs, so why are you leaving yours all over the shoulder press, treadmill handles and barbells? No one needs to know you were there, and failing to wipe down each machine you use with a bit of sanitizer spray and a towel isn’t just unsanitary—it’s gross. It’s rude. And, it won’t make you the most popular gym-goer anytime soon. Make sure that you use your gym’s complimentary towels (or if they don’t offer one, please bring your own.) Remember—you’re sharing a public space. Be mindful of those who work out after you.

Be Mindful of Your Time

Most gyms (and certainly the one you belong to) have a peak performance period of thirty minutes that you can work out. Usually this time max falls in the popular time periods during the early morning (for the pre-work, workout crowd, and during lunch hour. As you become more mindful of your time (and the time of others), you can become the most popular person at the gym!

Young active sporty people at gym doing exercise

Be Careful of Your Space

There’s nothing worse than working out on the shoulder press and have the guy next to you invading your space by not watching his own. The gym can get crowded during popular times of the day or night, but being mindful of your space is one of the best ways to be a polite and respectful gym-goer. Believe it or not, many people have a hard time waiting patiently for their turn—and stare others down, or become a ‘close-stander’—not a cool move.

If You’re New, Let Your Instructor Know

This rule is especially important when you’re taking a class you’ve never taken before, or you’re just starting out with a personal trainer. If you’re braving a weight lifting class (which is a blast) or a spin class (so rewarding!), let your instructor know so that you don’t risk injury or discomfort while they are teaching.

Check Your Diva Status at the Door

Remember, you aren’t working out in the privacy of your home, but a public space in which everyone else has the right to be there as much as you do. With that being said, check your diva status at the door. Be mindful of things like wearing too much perfume, standing too close to others when they’re working out, talking on your cell phone, or over-using your allotted time on the cardio machines when others are waiting to use it themselves. When you follow these five guidelines for polite and respectful gym etiquette, you won’t just make your workout a more productive one—but a productive workout for everyone else, as well.