Working out is good for your mental and physical health. However, when at the gym, you’re at a high risk of getting injuries. The injuries range from mild to severe. If you drop a 30-pound dumbbell on your foot, for example, it might lead to dislocation, and you might be unable to go to the gym for a while as you recover. Nevertheless, instead of concentrating on the time you will miss working out, it’s good to find out how you can prevent getting severe gym injuries. Here are the most common severe gym injuries and how to avoid them. 


Back Strain


Low back pain is a common injury at the gym, indicating strain on the muscles surrounding the spine. When you fail to pay attention during warm-ups, your back muscles will not be prepared to absorb the energy impacted on them during weightlifting. In addition, lifting too much weight or lifting in an improper position might cause back pain.


To avoid back strain, you need to stretch your back and warm up before lifting weights. Prepare your back muscles for the weights. Ensure you correctly place the weights on your back to maintain a neutral spine. Additionally, carry the correct weight that your back can bear. If you want to increase the weights, gradually increase the load so that you can prepare your back for heavier weights.


Pectoral Injury


A pectoral injury is a result of straining the chest muscles by a sudden overload. When you bend to lift a heavier weight than your body can handle, you can cause a tear in your chest muscles. To prevent this injury, you need to lift weights that you can control. When you feel like the weight is wobbling on your arms and you’re at risk of dropping it, call for help and try a lighter weight. If you want to carry heavier weights for stronger chest muscles, gradually increase the weights. 


Joint Dislocation


Dislocating your arms, shoulder, or knee joint is one of the most common and severe gym injuries. It can result from not paying attention as you work out or loading the bar with excess weight. The excess weight will cause too much pressure on your ligaments and push the bones out of their position. If you’re in too much pain, you will need to seek medical attention.


To avoid joint dislocation, pay more attention when working out to avoid falls or hitting yourself with weights. Additionally, alternate the exercises to keep your muscles in check. Also, check your weight bar and ensure it’s the correct weight to avoid exerting excess pressure on your joint muscles.


Despite working out being good for your body, it exposes you to injuries. Getting to hear that you can easily be injured at the gym might scare you from working out. However, that should not be the case because you can avoid the most severe gym injuries with proper planning and precautions.