With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the globe, social distancing practices have become commonplace while grocery shopping, standing in lines, attending school, or going to work. If you miss your days at the gym or want to get back to a normal workout schedule, you can do so while still remaining mindful of your social distance, even if you are doing so at outdoor facilities. 


Choose a Simple Workout Routine


One of the best ways to ease your own worries and anxieties over social distancing when working out at outdoor facilities is to choose a simple workout routine that does not require much effort or additional tools and equipment to get started. A simple cardio workout such as running, jogging, or even working out in place can provide you with the exercise you need for the day without feeling overwhelmed or too restricted.


Find a Location That is Right for You


Finding a location for exercising that is right for you can help you to adjust to new settings and surroundings, especially if you are required to socially distance or wear a mask while outdoors and near others in your state. If you intend to work out outdoors but want to do so in private, research your options. You can find a space that is less crowded or one that will not require you to wear a mask in order to enjoy the fresh air during your workout. 


Remain Aware of Your Surroundings


While adjusting to new social distancing rules and mandates is not always easy, it is important to remain aware and mindful of your surroundings at all times. If you notice an individual who is struggling to breathe or who may be elderly, be sure to remain mindful about when you are using your mask and social distancing, even if you are doing so outdoors. 


Take Regular Breaks


As with traditional workout regimens, it is important to take breaks regularly, especially if you intend to wear a mask while you are outdoors. While it is not necessary to wear a mask outdoors, it may provide additional comfort, especially if you are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 yourself. Be sure to take breaks at regular intervals while working out, especially if you choose to wear a surgical or cloth mask throughout the process. Avoid overworking yourself when working out, even if you are familiar with high impact and intensive workouts. Take more breaks than normal when using a mask to ensure your lungs are receiving adequate oxygen at all times.


Remaining mindful of social distancing while working out using outdoor facilities is a way to maintain peace of mind. It’s also a good way to keep yourself and others safe while sticking to a semi-normal routine. Taking the time to familiarize yourself with social distancing practices while becoming comfortable with them yourself can help you any time you are looking for new ways to resume activities such as socializing, commuting, and even exercising.