The more excess water you hold inside your body’s issues, the more water weight you’ll have, and that can equal to more pounds for your weekly weigh-in.  That bloated feeling that comes once a month during your menstrual cycle, or after consuming multiple alcoholic drinks with a night out with the boys can leave you feeling…like not quite together (plus a few extra pounds.)  How can you lose your excess water weight dilemma, and keep it off? Easy! Just keep reading.

Being Fooled by the Fad Diet

Fad diets are tricky. Getting you hooked by a strict no-carb, no-sugar, very little fat diet, they do one thing well: allow you to see the pounds melt off with the first few days. But are you melting off fat? News flash – those “pounds” are your water weight – which, as it turns out, weights a lot! Our body is 60 percent water, which means that the more you absorb in your tissue (or, the more water you hold onto) the heavier you’ll be on the scale. Try this: skip the scale, and concentrate on hydrating yourself adequately.  As a result, within a few weeks, you’ll see your fat melt off instead of a temporary water weight shedding.

 The Water Debate

Not sure what adequate water consumption each day looks like? Try the recommendation from the Institute of Medicine and remember it easily: Drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day to stay properly hydrated and in order to beat that afternoon fatigue, improve breathing, as well as the function of major organs.

Not a water drinker? That’s ok. Think about it like this — swap a sugary drink or two each day for a few glasses of water and raise your metabolism, and thus, lose inches off of your mid-section.  Studies have shown that men and women wanting to lose weight by drinking more water can and do. Load up your water with ice, and your body has to spend more energy warming it up while increasing your metabolic rate by 24 percent!

 Make It a Habit

You don’t just lose water when you sweat it out at the gym. You lose water all the time without even realizing it – even when you take a deep breath. The debate is this – does your water weight, and more specifically, does drinking water help you lose weight? Yep – it sure does. It cleans out your system, fights disease, increases energy, clears your mind and strengthens your performance at the gym. Lift up a glass and celebrate – you’ll be slimmer and trimmer because of it!