fitness and businessCorporate fitness programs are increasing in popularity because they help employers address two important concerns. The first concern is employee morale; employees want to know that employers are concerned about their best interests. Corporate fitness programs are one way employers can show they care about their employees. These programs are also a proven way to save money. Healthcare costs represent a significant portion of employer budgets. Managing these costs by helping employees reduce the incidence of preventable health problems is a good way to do that.

Benefits of corporate fitness programs

  • Employees spend most of their waking hours in the work setting. Corporate fitness programs help employers take advantage of a captive audience. Providing designated time and support to engage in wellness programs means employees are more likely to stick with health benefiting habits.
  • Engaging in corporate fitness programs helps build cohesion and morale. Employees have the opportunity to experience each other in different settings and offer encouragement for reaching shared health and fitness goals. In other words, wellness programs are a good way to foster team spirit.
  • Employees are more stressed and busy than ever before. Corporate wellness programs provide a positive outlet that helps employees manage stress. Other outcomes include increased productivity and creativity as well as improved immunity, which may reduce the number of missed work days.
  • Competition for the best employees means benefits have to be meaningful. Corporate fitness programs that are designed to meet employee health and fitness goals can be presented as an attractive benefit to potential employees.Promotional gym/fitness/athletic business template

With the rise in corporate fitness programs has come an industry of providers. The most successful of these programs are comprehensive and address concerns such as smoking cessation, stress, cholesterol and weight management, heart health, personal safety and even sleep hygiene. Employers considering a fitness program should take care to clearly articulate the goals of the program and weave them into the workplace culture.

Corporate fitness programs are an important way to boost your bottom line by improving productivity and reducing healthcare costs. Because personal health and safety are important to most everyone, these programs are an important way to show an interest in employee needs and goals. Whether you hire a corporate fitness provider to design a program or you create one in house you will be glad you did.