Triceps Pulldown WorkoutWhen it comes to your workout, you want results. In fact, you want to improve your health (in both mind and body) so fiercely, that you’ll endure whatever spin class, weight lifting session or lunge marathon that it takes you to get there. But, in the middle of squat thrusts and shoulder presses, have you neglected to pay attention to the most important thing of all? Your form is what you should really focus on, which is why we’ve put together a mini-guide that will spell out why!

You’ll Maximize Your Workouts                                                                               

Why do you work out? Is it to relieve stress, get a ripped six-pack, or look better in between the sheets for your partner? Do you work out to feel good, increase your metabolism or to improve the overall health of your body? When you focus on proper form while exercising, you are able to target the areas of your body that you want to – instead of those areas of your body you didn’t mean to strengthen!

You’ll Minimize Risk of Injury

Doing a simple exercise such as bicep curls with dumbbells can cause a serious back or neck injury if you aren’t standing with the correct posture, or in the right stance. The whole point of exercise is to strengthen your body, boost your confidence and live your healthiest life possible. How good can you actually feel when you’ve pulled a muscle because you didn’t take a moment or two to make sure your body was balanced and positioned correctly before beginning?

Now that you know some benefits of proper form in the weight room, it’s time to focus on whether or not you have the posture, and stance it takes to maximize your workout. Here’s some tips to get you standing, lunging and lifting in the right direction:gym woman personal trainer with weight training

  • Talk to a trainer. Even if you can’t afford a personal trainer of your own, many gyms have employees available who are qualified to answer your questions. Go to others for answers to your biggest form questions. Get familiar with fitness magazines too—they are chocked full of helpful tips and strategies for morphing into your healthiest self.
  • Don’t slouch. This is something you can practice not just in the weight room, but when you’re at your desk at work, too. If you find yourself slouching, roll your shoulders back, and hold your stomach in tight. Having the correct posture can really make a difference in your workout—and give you a whole lot more ‘bang for your buck!’
  • Don’t hold your breathe. Many people make the mistake of holding their breath in while they lift, but this can cause injury. You need to breathe! As you lift, inhale through your nose, followed by a slow and controlled exhale through the mouth.

By focusing on the correct form (followed by a challenging level of intensity), you will always maximize each and every workout—and minimize the risk of injury. Focus on your form. It will save you time, improve your overall strength and allow you to reach your weight loss goals in record time!