If you complain about saggy arms, you’re not alone. Most women have been insecure of their “saggy wings” – but the good news is you can minimize or even eliminate them by doing simple, short exercises several times a week.

Here are three best ways to tone your arms and eliminate saggy arms in as little as six weeks.


Light Weight Arm Movements

The best way to tone flabby arms is to do light weight arm movements, such as bicep curls, arm circles and triceps push backs.

In order to do light weight exercises, you don’t need anything more than a couple five pound weights and an arm’s length area of space. Here is a sample workout for you to consider:

  • 50 arm circles
  • 25 bicep curls
  • 25 tricep push backs

If you repeat these three exercises for three sets and do it several times a week, then you should be able to tone up your arms quickly.


Workout Exercises That Tone Arms

If you don’t have access to light weights, don’t worry. You can still tone your flabby arms quickly using nothing other than your bodyweight. The best workout exercises are the most traditional ones, including pushups, dips and planks.

If you are unable to do multiple pushups at once, you can try wall push-ups, which are much easier. If traditional push-ups are easy for you, then you should progress into doing triangle push-ups.

As long as you have the proper plan in place and stick to it, you can tone your arms with nothing other than your bodyweight.


The Power of Yoga

While yoga is known more for stretching and relaxation, it still is an excellent way to tone your arms up as well.

Yoga requires various different exercises and positions that force you to use your biceps and triceps, including downward dog, planks and yogi push-ups.

However, it is important to understand that there are different types of yoga. While some lighter forms of yoga are more geared toward relaxation and stretching, the more intense forms of yoga can really help you tone your arms.


The Key Components to Toning Your Arms are Time and Hard Work

Regardless of the exercises you choose, it’s important to go into it with a positive attitude and the will to put in work.

You may not see many results for the first few weeks, but you will see results over time if you stay consistent and don’t get too impatient. Remember, all good things require time and dedication. Be sure to stick to your original plan and you will have tone arms in no time.