Cold and chilly weather should never stop you from outdoor workouts, but it’s important to dress appropriately to avoid health risks associated with cold weather. However, if you want to maximize the exhilaration of cold-weather exercise, you must ensure your dressing is comfortable and keeps you warm. Below are the best types of materials to wear when working outside in the cold weather.




Cotton is the best alternative for people suffering from wool allergies. What makes it a perfect fabric for outdoor exercises is its soft and breathable nature. However, you shouldn’t wear cotton fabric alone if there are signs of harsh weather since it can absorb moisture, exposing you to health risks.


Faux Leather and Leather


Leather is an attractive fabric that’s ideal for all year round. Compared to other materials, leather is unique since it improves in quality as time goes on. The leather fabric acts as a perfect shield against winter elements, and it’s extremely durable. However, you must always know how to maintain leather if you want to keep it for the long haul. However, if you wish to have an animal-friendly choice, you can consider taking a look at the faux leather that isn’t made from animal products.




Wool is an incredible and gorgeous fabric to consider when winter kicks in. Wool companies get their product from sheep, but lately, other companies have created alternative options to replace sheep wool. What makes wool a perfect training fabric is its natural insulation caused by the air pockets present in the wool. And to top it off, it’s water-resistant, making it the best option for rainy and snowy weather. If you’re searching for an ideal training fabric that’s lightweight, strong, and durable, consider taking a look at wool fabric.


Faux Fur and Fur


For centuries, people have depended on fur to stay warm during the cold season and keep out the elements. However, now that homes have heating systems, many people use the skin as a necessary statement piece, although it still helps keep us warm. Nevertheless, you must learn to maintain it if you want to keep it for long.




Fleece is an ideal fabric to use during morning weather training since it’s lightweight and comfortable. Besides that, it’s relatively cheap compared to other fabric forms. You won’t have to dig deep into your pockets to buy one. However, it’s not the best for a rainy season since it’s not water-resistant.