The Best Strength Moves for Weight Loss
Have you lost weight in the past, but don’t have as much to show for it as you should (because you don’t look lean, and thin like you should?) Many people lose weight but no one notices, and that’s because of one thing: if you are losing muscle (instead of fat), you won’t reach your fitness goals. Why not lose fat, build muscle and achieve that long and lean body composition you dream of? Here’s how to it in a few simple steps.
Eat to Lose
If you want to lose weight, you need to eat clean, and here’s why: what you put into your body is 80 percent of your success (with working out making up the remaining 20 percent). The first most important move for anyone who wants to lose weight quickly and easily is to become a fat blasting machine! Eat clean, and then you’ll kick start the confidence, energy and the motivation to make it through a high-intensity, adrenaline-pumping workout!
Focus on high nutrient, protein, and fiber-rich meal plan will which allow you to feel get into those pair of skinny jeans. But don’t just eat a plate full of eggs, or a chicken breast—that’s not what satisfies. Instead, focus on a meal that incorporates healthy fats, grains, and protein (grilled salmon baked with olive oil, lemon, and dill, served with roasted vegetables is a smart meal choice!) With a meal plan like that, you’re primed and ready to blast the fat away in a high intensity exercise program.
weights-652484_640Incorporate Lifting and Cardio into the Same Workout
Start with the plank and row (get into a plank position, with a dumbbell in each hand; bend your left elbow up until it reaches your chest, and repeat with other side). Next, move into the squat position, and as you do, place the dumbbells over your head. When you move back into a standing position, lower your dumbbells so they rest at shoulder length, and repeat. Immediately move onto your cardio with a high-intensity spin class, dance class (like Zumba or a boot camp class) or get outdoors to climb stairs for thirty minutes.
Rotate the above workout, with a glute, bicep and core workout about 2-3 days each week. By committing to a workout like the single leg dumbbell lift, you can tone and shift your entire body composition to a tight, fit frame within weeks. Place a chair in front of you, and a dumbbell in your left hand. Lift your right out straight out in back of you, holding onto the chair in front of you with your right leg and lifting the dumbbell in your left hand straight up to your chest. Slowly return back to your starting position, and repeat with the other side.
Do you have pounds to lose, like stubborn belly fat or jiggly thighs? Eat clean, and blast fat with specifically targeted exercises (like the above), and you’ll not just change your body, but transform your confidence within weeks.