A healthy and fit lifestyle has immense benefits to the body. To accrue the long-term benefits of fitness, you need discipline and consistency. The rise in technology comes in handy as you can use an app on your phone to monitor and evaluate your fitness progress. Keep reading to see the best exercise apps you can use to aid your exercises. 


1. Map My Run


Map My Run is the ideal app for mapping and tracking your runs. You can use it to log in excess workout exercises like yoga, cross country training, gym workouts, walking, cycling, and many more. Use the app’s gear tracker to track the distance you cover and nearby running spots. Link it with other devices to exchange and explore data.


2. Fitness Buddy


Fitness Buddy works like a nutritionist and online personal trainer who have been roped into one. It has hundreds of exercises that you can do at the gym or your home. The app has food recipes and personalized meal plans. The exercises come with easy instructions and videos to show newbies how to do the exercises.


3. JEFIT Workout Planner


It is time to ditch that notebook for a more efficient planner. The workout planner is a more innovative and faster way of tracking your gym regime. Use the app’s workout planner to craft a fitness plan and routine that aligns with your training goals. You can skim through the exercise database to draw inspiration from other users and compare your plan with the successful strategies on the app.


4. Runkeeper


The app is designed to aid in achieving your running goals. You can set the distance you want to run, measure your speed, and check out your results at the end of the run. You can customize the six voices to relay your time, pace, and distance for motivation purposes. A personalized plan will push you to achieve your goals. Take advantage of the in-app contests for motivation. Participate in online running groups for inspiration and support.


5. MyFitnessPal


As the name suggests, MyFitnessPal is a true friend in the kitchen. The app has a massive food database, recipe importer, calorie counter, restaurant logger, barcode scanner, and food insights. It will give you comprehensive knowledge of nutrition. To get started, choose a goal: weight gain, loss, or maintenance. Then, let the app aid you in building a healthy lifestyle to achieve the goal. As you do your exercises, draw motivation from the active forums in the app.


6. 10k Runner


The app is ideal for running beginners and those who have already hit the 5k mark and are gunning for the 10k. for a newbie; it will take you eight weeks to reach 5k and a further six weeks to reach 10k. Use it to get guidance from a virtual coach and play your favorite songs.


7. 30 Day Fitness at Home


Sync the app with the apple health app on your phone to mechanically track your goals and achievements. Each day presents a different challenge; strive to participate in the challenges to exercise all your body parts.